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  1. Bear Walk Cycle - GIF markus camera illustrated bear
    View Bear Walk Cycle - GIF
    Bear Walk Cycle - GIF
  2. Animation Smash Down - GIF sword markus contest challenge mad angry walk cycle
    View Animation Smash Down - GIF
    Animation Smash Down - GIF
  3. The Boxer mohamed ali rubberhose animation motion line box boxer sport markus magnusson
    View The Boxer
    The Boxer
  4. Dog Flip - Fake 3d gif markus magnusson fake3d motiongraphics illustration animation 2d
    View Dog Flip - Fake 3d
    Dog Flip - Fake 3d
  5. Stan Pines - Gravity Falls mystey pines glasses hat journal scape character character animation scary scare scream walking cycle walk running run running cycle motion markus gravity falls
    View Stan Pines - Gravity Falls
    Stan Pines - Gravity Falls
  6. Carrier Pigeon — Motion Markus line art artwork hand drawn character design illustration
    View Carrier Pigeon — Motion Markus
    Carrier Pigeon — Motion Markus
  7. Skatting Apple markus magnusson skate apple illustration design motion animation gif graohics running replication rebound
    View Skatting Apple
    Skatting Apple
  8. Running Girl Kangoo markus jumping kangoo run and jump running run gif animated animation
    View Running Girl Kangoo
    Running Girl Kangoo
  9. Badass design flat smoke cycle walk markus showdown animation
    View Badass
  10. Loose Motions- Ep. 2; Telly dally animation smashdown 2 markus magnusson affinity designer telly tv television gif loop after effects animation
    View Loose Motions- Ep. 2; Telly dally
    Loose Motions- Ep. 2; Telly dally
  11. Markus Schulz London traffic music video trance edm london typography motion graphics
    View Markus Schulz London
    Markus Schulz London
  12. Markus Cortez X02
    View Markus Cortez X02
    Markus Cortez X02
  13. Animation Exercice #3 motion design schools animation vector illustration after effect looping design motion design motionlovers markus challenge
    View Animation Exercice #3
    Animation Exercice #3
  14. Front walk cycle animation corona header flat motion design after effects animation markus rubberhose2 duik character animator character animation illustrator front walk walkthrough walk cycle walkcycle walking walk aftereffects after effects project
    View Front walk cycle
    Front walk cycle
  15. Markus Cortez iOS 10 vector typography profile photoshop name logotype illustrator custom
    View Markus Cortez iOS 10
    Markus Cortez iOS 10
  16. Markus Petersen Logo minimalistic initials branding logo
    View Markus Petersen Logo
    Markus Petersen Logo
  17. Markus Cortez X01
    View Markus Cortez X01
    Markus Cortez X01
  18. Floyd's first steps markus magnusson character design character animation illustration animated gif graphic design motion design animation motiondesignschool
    View Floyd's first steps
    Floyd's first steps
  19. Healer Markus. The VIVO, card game plants man gif animated gif graphic procreateapp character animation character animation 2d animation gradient web illustration concept graphic design procreate art procreate web ui illustration design
    View Healer Markus. The VIVO, card game
    Healer Markus. The VIVO, card game
  20. Water Notification push notification markus magnusson glass apple ios notification lifesum water
    View Water Notification
    Water Notification
  21. Markus Cortez vector illustrator photoshop typography profile logotype name custom
    View Markus Cortez
    Markus Cortez
  22. M for Markus Krunegård 36days-m 36daysoftype shower character creation design character flat color block vector illustration
    View M for Markus Krunegård
    M for Markus Krunegård
  23. Animation Smashdown #5 motion markus gizmo mogwai gremlins halloween animation smashdown vector xav motion illustration after affects
    View Animation Smashdown #5
    Animation Smashdown #5
  24. Markus – Pjax pages transition motion animation ux bold creative template portfolio ui principle clean premium modern themeforest
    View Markus – Pjax pages transition
    Markus – Pjax pages transition
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