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  1. App Localization flat app design vector design icon illustration
    View App Localization
    App Localization
  2. Japanese and “Subtitle” UI slack subtitle localization internationalization japanese
    View Japanese and “Subtitle” UI
    Japanese and “Subtitle” UI
  3. Event - Swile app icons localization calendar android ios app mobile app mobile event
    View Event - Swile app
    Event - Swile app
  4. RouteFinder app statistics ux ui bar menu cards progress bar tracking localization widelab search app car travel icons navigation map location route finder
    View RouteFinder app
    RouteFinder app
  5. Document Sidebar localization versions design system components states interactions info sidebar widgets inter headless cms cms app
    Document Sidebar
  6. E-vehicles renting app localization map e-vehicle mobile design app ui application scooter mobile app design mobile app mobile app ux ui design
    View E-vehicles renting app
    E-vehicles renting app
  7. Callert emergency life saver signal sign brand design naming connection help first aid localization area place red alert call phone branding typography logo
  8. Satellite Icons navigation gps route house location map location pin localization geolocation icons pack flat icons satellite icons icons satellite
    Satellite Icons
  9. H&M Arabic Logotype type typography arabic localization
    View H&M Arabic Logotype
    H&M Arabic Logotype
  10. ⚡️Smog Mobile App localization navigation ui blue running map smog motion app
    View ⚡️Smog Mobile App
    ⚡️Smog Mobile App
  11. Translation agency web design homepage design home design home homepage translation agency web design localization translation
    View Translation agency web design
    Translation agency web design
  12. Find a freelancer/worker - Map exploration uxdesign ux ui design filters browsing localization list freelancers work map colorful web app design ui user-interface
    View Find a freelancer/worker - Map exploration
    Find a freelancer/worker - Map exploration
  13. Radar people counting app mobile app design mobile app smarthome smart location tracker mapping app mapping radar app app flat counter ux ui finder finding counting localization location map radar
    View Radar people counting app
    Radar people counting app
  14. Salugeo App search trainer sport mobile ui mobile app design map black yellow localization geo application app ux ui design
    View Salugeo App
    Salugeo App
  15. OneSignal Website hiring developer button personalization localization website abtesting product landing page onesignal push hero web design
    View OneSignal Website
    OneSignal Website
  16. Local Chat App localization chat social map light ios interface ui app
    View Local Chat App
    Local Chat App
  17. Crate&Barrel Singapore Mobile Checkout furniture flow form design ui localisation localization product design ux userexperience checkout mobile ecommerce
    View Crate&Barrel Singapore Mobile Checkout
    Crate&Barrel Singapore Mobile Checkout
  18. Map of attractions painting digital localization hotel concept illustration map
    View Map of attractions
    Map of attractions
  19. Pin / map logo concept localization pin map mark logo concept branding
    View Pin / map logo concept
    Pin / map logo concept
  20. Enable Location Modal UI Design modal window localization local modal daily uxui designs ux component app ui composition ui  ux design ui design design concept
    View Enable Location Modal UI Design
    Enable Location Modal UI Design
  21. Languages global translation translate orange language ux ui localization mobile international languages
    View Languages
  22. livehere graphics localization rental home travel app
    View livehere graphics
    livehere graphics
  23. Data Lake for Energy & Utilities 🔋 desktop design data oslo localization figma animation green dashboard ux ui map smart cities smart grid utilities energy data monitoring data lake digital transformation
    Data Lake for Energy & Utilities 🔋
  24. Car parking map bitcoin ethereum blockchain driving localization find navigate payment search map parking car
    View Car parking map
    Car parking map
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