Legacy Events

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Logolounge 11 - Selected Logos cog icon legacy events music note ah monogram car branding bulldog flower mark dj logomark branch mark tree logotype logo lounge logolounge book 11
    View Logolounge 11 - Selected Logos
    Logolounge 11 - Selected Logos
  2. Elegacy Events - Logo Concepts sketch process black and white branch symbol smart mark identity designer icon design e clever letters ee monogram initials negative space logo tree mark event management company legacy events
    View Elegacy Events - Logo Concepts
    Elegacy Events - Logo Concepts
  3. Elegacy Events - Grid Design brand creator geometric grid smart branding tree mark negative space logo legacy events identity designer icon design event managment company ee monogram initials e clever letters branch symbol
    View Elegacy Events - Grid Design
    Elegacy Events - Grid Design
  4. H E S F peak skiing ski tradition legacy school gold green monoline sun foundation mountain book education logo
    H E S F
  5. Event management app concept tickets planning events calendar design app ux ui
    View Event management app concept
    Event management app concept
  6. Legacy Auto Spa 01 infographic icons illustration branding auto
    View Legacy Auto Spa 01
    Legacy Auto Spa 01
  7. Reports (SaaS Web App) fintech reports legacy retail ux ui enterprise software enterprise ux saas design table analytics dashboard ux minimal web app software ui deisgn ux design web application web application design saas
    View Reports (SaaS Web App)
    Reports (SaaS Web App)
  8. Cultural heritage digital art excavations heritage legacy car illustrator highway road design art cartoon vector illustration
    Cultural heritage
  9. Legacy Village mountain modern star village badge logo
    View Legacy Village
    Legacy Village
  10. Legacy Standard Bible line art vector badge branding icon illustrator graphic design illustration bible logo peter voth design
    View Legacy Standard Bible
    Legacy Standard Bible
  11. Upcoming Events Timeline - Internal Tool web talks product design calendar timeline events
    View Upcoming Events Timeline - Internal Tool
    Upcoming Events Timeline - Internal Tool
  12. Odyssey • Planning List timeline video call design system freelance meeting schedule tasks product design collaboration teamwork call appointment agency calendar app events planning calendar desktop clean branding
    View Odyssey • Planning List
    Odyssey • Planning List
  13. Malachi Sermon Series legacy future malachi sermon series sermon script typography icon illustration
    View Malachi Sermon Series
    Malachi Sermon Series
  14. Community chat workspace webdeisgn web app web ux ui product overview minimal interior design community dashboard event events cards card architecture app
    View Community
  15. Moon Legacy moon webdesign interaction concept motion principle header web interface animation design exploration ux ui
    View Moon Legacy
    Moon Legacy
  16. Stream Landing Page - Live zoom design zoom ui zoom live stream money launch how it works live event alex banaga events website stream
    View Stream Landing Page - Live
    Stream Landing Page - Live
  17. Calendar Events in Notes dark mode ux web web app notes app meeting notes meetings relationships crm data dates events attributes notes picker calendar
    View Calendar Events in Notes
    Calendar Events in Notes
  18. Landing Page Redesign ux ui hero redesign search web design class workshops events landing page website
    Landing Page Redesign
  19. 🎪 Lattice Events Hub gradient 3d landing page illustration
    View 🎪 Lattice Events Hub
    🎪 Lattice Events Hub
  20. Responsive calendar UI - events categories information architecture ux mobile date calendar app calendar columns cell cards ui notes counter categories table filters entry event calendar timetable schedule calendar ui responsive design
    Responsive calendar UI - events categories
  21. Braun Legacy — Layout editorial art direction studio ui ux agency typography grid layout
    View Braun Legacy — Layout
    Braun Legacy — Layout
  22. Legacy Of A Leader Book illustration design cover book
    View Legacy Of A Leader Book
    Legacy Of A Leader Book
  23. Calendar app agenda organizer events productivity calendar interactive futuristic futurism brutal mobile ios app
    View Calendar app
    Calendar app
  24. Venue Map realestate interior events room web design portal icons product design event building venue maps map web clean minimal interface app ux ui
    View Venue Map
    Venue Map
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