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  1. Lead Generation Audience Builder email automation email targeting crm sales software clients leads customer acquisition customer retention sketch product design selection filter target audience audience builder sales dashboard lead generation b2c b2b web application design web app
    Lead Generation Audience Builder
  2. Lead Logo ux ui lead unfold compass direction manage customers cloud arrow design crm branding logo leads
    View Lead Logo
    Lead Logo
  3. ⛺️ Lead Journey | CRM funnel for clients. 3d shadows sales jungle leaf cleaning contract leads illustrations steps animation progress bar loading ui web crm lead journey map progress journey
    View ⛺️ Lead Journey | CRM funnel for clients.
    ⛺️ Lead Journey | CRM funnel for clients.
  4. Sales leads management sales hubspot admin panel crm data table clients leads table data list contacts ux statistics web ui clean simple brandnew
    Sales leads management
  5. Mobile responsive table search results report design report mobile ui tags filters leads lead capture lead generation multiselect outreach crm software crm portal web app media queries responsive web design responsive design data table tabular data responsive table
    View Mobile responsive table
    Mobile responsive table
  6. Marketing Dashboard statistics system management tool business leads target audience dashboard ui marketing dashboard marketing dashboard ui afterglow management clean minimal
    View Marketing Dashboard
    Marketing Dashboard
  7. Contact finder for Apollo ui apollo uxdn dashboard filter forge filter ui filtering filters filter crm dashboard crm software crm portal crm contacts leader leads lead ux complex product design
    Contact finder for Apollo
  8. Sales Inbox call chats messages profile sales tickets leads crm inbox
    View Sales Inbox
    Sales Inbox
  9. Lead Profile responsive mobile web activity stream stream profile card ui dashboard activity profile contacts contact leads
    View Lead Profile
    Lead Profile
  10. Lead Funnel Design uikreative registration debt insurance mortgage loans steps package design testimonials login page sales ui design conversions registration form funnel leads pricing page pricing register page register
    Lead Funnel Design
  11. Adversus: CRM solution atomic design system inbound dashboard app ux ui dialer web based dialer phone web manage leads product design customer service call-management call center call
    View Adversus: CRM solution
    Adversus: CRM solution
  12. How to qualify leads sketch magnifying glass design new business leads clients illustration
    View How to qualify leads
    How to qualify leads
  13. Lead Generation Message Sequences clients audience b2b leads customer retention sketch scheduling schedule product design email campaign crm sales tool lead generation email marketing email targeting email automation sequence messages cadence web app
    Lead Generation Message Sequences
  14. Pipeline View on track pipe rebound leads crm sales ui cards dashboad deals pipeline
    View Pipeline View
    Pipeline View
  15. List of contacts product interface design clean web ui ux list view my contacts assets contact sidebar leads b2b sales b2b website b2b listing list
    View List of contacts
    List of contacts
  16. Icons for website landing page line b2b inspiration dashboard illustrations landing home page website icons seo outreach software leads cold marketing prospects email illustrator web design illustration
    View Icons for website landing page
    Icons for website landing page
  17. Adversus: Cards and UI elements activity log cards atomic design system inbound dashboard app ux ui dialer web based dialer phone web manage leads product design customer service call-management call center call
    View Adversus: Cards and UI elements
    Adversus: Cards and UI elements
  18. CWR Website platform website improvement service activity business consulting mentorship consultation reviews case research management generation leads development optimization web digital marketing seo
    View CWR Website
    CWR Website
  19. Lead Generation Email Templates customer retention churn rate customers web app filters steps process messages ux design ui design saas b2b lead generation audience leads sketch product design mvp prospects clients
    View Lead Generation Email Templates
    Lead Generation Email Templates
  20. Keyword.com leadgen Dashboard desktop laptop character man idea pick a plan audit form search engine optimization search engine seo lead leads illustration ui uxui app web web design dashboad
    View Keyword.com leadgen Dashboard
    Keyword.com leadgen Dashboard
  21. Elimisto - Contact table user management account leads contact ux ui dashboard
    View Elimisto - Contact
    Elimisto - Contact
  22. Lead Funnel Homepage Insurance Design uiux designer uikreative analytics design clean seo user experience design dark homepage website debt mortgage realestate insurance conversion funnel leads
    View Lead Funnel Homepage Insurance Design
    Lead Funnel Homepage Insurance Design
  23. Molequle leads web app webapp motion animation aftereffects platfrom crm dashboard crm dashboard admin panel uxui ui
    View Molequle
  24. Sellx - Approved Logo Design stock identity design arrow traffic leads lead platform buy selling abstract letter logo monogram elevate shift negative space logo design logo x sell check
    View Sellx - Approved Logo Design
    Sellx - Approved Logo Design
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