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  1. Kafene — New Application address select tiles tooltip form dropdown radio picker input headline application fintech cards components visual ux ui product
    View Kafene — New Application
    Kafene — New Application
  2. Dark Input Fields font segments slider colours settings typography box inputs dark mode ui design system input fields
    View Dark Input Fields
    Dark Input Fields
  3. Checkout and Security Modals passwords user interface interface ui ux fields password modal modules input security login email desktop web clean design dashboard credentials clean button
    View Checkout and Security Modals
    Checkout and Security Modals
  4. Multi Step Form 02 user interface interface input box inputs input field box check check error input input form fields form field form design form step form multi step form blue ui ux typography design
    Multi Step Form 02
  5. Modal Windows - UI Components desktop clean interaction invoice upgrade license pricing payment method payment plan button user experience user interface forms input popup dialog modal dashboard payment banking
    Modal Windows - UI Components
  6. Light Input Fields cards cta main buttons disabled input fields bar search selectors checkboxes buttons radio slider simple minimal input flat sleek modern clean light
    View Light Input Fields
    Light Input Fields
  7. Exploration Smart Home - Dark Mode neumorphism devices controller home minimal figma dark theme ux smart device iot dark ui darkmode uiux mobile clean design ui
    View Exploration Smart Home - Dark Mode
    Exploration Smart Home - Dark Mode
  8. Smart Hub Application design design minimal consumption home thermostat switch fingerprint smart neumorphic clean ui devices floorplan smarthome application design app mobile app uiux ux ui
    View Smart Hub Application design
    Smart Hub Application design
  9. Partnership Office - desktop web xtb platform steps input upload login register form onboarding dashboard design app desktop ux ui
    View Partnership Office - desktop
    Partnership Office - desktop
  10. Date Picker ui software crm software crm popover modal icons attribute value input calendar schedule ios mobile
    View Date Picker
    Date Picker
  11. Smart home app 🤖 smart devices climate control climate manager dashboard app ui smart home application smart house smart home mobile app saas app product design ios app smart home app
    Smart home app 🤖
  12. Smart Hub Web Application Design mobile app control panel control statistics clean ui thermostat design application website ui ux web app smart neumorphic devices smarthome home minimal floorplan dashboard
    View Smart Hub Web Application Design
    Smart Hub Web Application Design
  13. 💎 UI Elements design system product design ui components ui elements dropdown search search field action link flat mobile input minimal finance button app user interface dashboard clean ux ui
    💎 UI Elements
  14. Dark UI Elements dashboard user interface avatar input group elements ui elements uidesign app tabs button toggle checkbox dropdown input ux uiux ui product design
    View Dark UI Elements
    Dark UI Elements
  15. 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking finance minimal clean popover popup table view input interface dashboard ui dashboad fintech app ux ui fintech
    View 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking
    🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking
  16. Cards - White UI popup modal slider input event app web dashboard share checklist to do picker design system upload notifications tasks settings calendar ux ui
    View Cards - White UI
    Cards - White UI
  17. 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Property Management forms chart web stats user interface clean ux ui minimal app interface button dashboard popover popup module style input analytics account
    View 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Property Management
    🧩 Dashboard Modules - Property Management
  18. Quick Search field interactive input hint user experience ux ui design auto complete search engine quick find mp4 fintech animation navigation search bar search result quick access quick search search
    Quick Search
  19. 💵 Add Payment Method - Modal Windows (Desktop) minimal web popup document share profile user interface ux ui modules input finance desktop design dashboard clean button modal card payment method
    View 💵 Add Payment Method - Modal Windows (Desktop)
    💵 Add Payment Method - Modal Windows (Desktop)
  20. UI Elements Exploration exploration stepper input button inputs buttons interface minimal clean web ui design ux ui elements elements ui
    UI Elements Exploration
  21. Cards - Dark UI ui ux calendar settings tasks notifications upload design system picker to do checklist share dashboard web app event input modal popup
    View Cards - Dark UI
    Cards - Dark UI
  22. UI Elements - WIP password dropdown toggle interface date picker input forms design system ui
    UI Elements - WIP
  23. Multi Step Form 03 form design form field forms dark green user experience user interface interface multi form multi step form form input fields input box input field inputs input ui ux typography design
    Multi Step Form 03
  24. Unidle - Homepage calculator devices form toggle calculator blue persons orange illustration ux interface ui
    View Unidle - Homepage calculator
    Unidle - Homepage calculator
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