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  1. Production Portfolio color type portfolio production focuslab design film tti
    View Production Portfolio
    Production Portfolio
  2. Bumper automation type color animation design focuslab tray motion
    View Bumper Bumper
  3. Focus Lab! logo identity brand new job focuslab
    Focus Lab!
  4. Motion + Type brand type movement black mark branding focuslab motion
    View Motion + Type
    Motion + Type
  5. ASAPP logo design logotype focuslab asapp ai-native ai brand design branding brand mark logo
  6. Focus Motion music mark red color focuslab brand video motion
    View Focus Motion
    Focus Motion
  7. Focus Reel music mark red color focuslab brand video motion
    View Focus Reel
    Focus Reel
  8. Aptible — Beyond Compliance focuslab aptible arrow typography logo animation illustration typography web design branding brand
    View Aptible — Beyond Compliance
    Aptible — Beyond Compliance
  9. More Conference conference music mark red color focuslab brand video motion
    View More Conference
    More Conference
  10. Let's Talk Brand Interview interview youtube podcast branding agency brand strategy branding focuslab
    View Let's Talk Brand Interview
    Let's Talk Brand Interview
  11. A Motion Design Class skillshare brand logo animation graph circle teal blue color design focuslab fathom motion class
    View A Motion Design Class
    A Motion Design Class
  12. Aptible Mark logotype yellow arrow mark geometry grid vector branding design focuslab logodesign branding logo
    View Aptible Mark
    Aptible Mark
  13. Flock Freight Mark logo design logistics freight monogram f brand design brand identity focuslab trademark mark icon logo branding brand
    Flock Freight Mark
  14. Quokka is Coming moviemagic focuslab quokka set film
    View Quokka is Coming
    Quokka is Coming
  15. Peachy: Illo Style computer tennis ball visual illustration focuslab recruitment desk branding brand doggo dog
    View Peachy: Illo Style
    Peachy: Illo Style
  16. Vecteezy Rebrand branding and identity focus lab brand designer branding concept branding design visual  identity brand strategy logo design communication design communication agency communications identity branding identity vector art vecteezy visual identity brand agency branding agency branding focuslab
    Vecteezy Rebrand
  17. It's live! music mark red color focuslab brand video motion
    View It's live!
    It's live!
  18. Posters 2018 dash focuslab brand icons shapes hack week language identity logo poster branding
    View Posters
  19. Out of Focus: Pins swag retreat smile sun monoline white black pin focuslab brand branding design
    View Out of Focus: Pins
    Out of Focus: Pins
  20. Mark Exploration brand exploration focuslab identity t monogram icon branding symbol logo mark
    View Mark Exploration
    Mark Exploration
  21. 2px and/or 1.5px Icons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ uidesign focuslab icon set community solar solar branding agency branding stroke iconography icon
    View 2px and/or 1.5px Icons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    2px and/or 1.5px Icons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. TomFerry On-Demand 2019 – Analytics Dashboard ux typography cuberto fireart ueno focuslab design layout design graph chart dashboard ui analytics dashboard analytics chart analysis analytics
    View TomFerry On-Demand 2019 – Analytics Dashboard
    TomFerry On-Demand 2019 – Analytics Dashboard
  23. Cashiers Cardinal Patch illustration branding retreat focuslab patch dogwood pine cardinal south carolina cashiers
    View Cashiers Cardinal Patch
    Cashiers Cardinal Patch
  24. Illustration style exploration ui website web flat ux icon vector focuslab illustration design
    View Illustration style exploration
    Illustration style exploration
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