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  1. Smart Apartment Finder App Concept  | Day 256/365 - Project365 conversational minimal housing condo apartments apartment finder app filter based searching smart search ios mobile-app ios11 project365 sketch design-challenge disruptive-thursday
    View Smart Apartment Finder App Concept | Day 256/365 - Project365
    Smart Apartment Finder App Concept | Day 256/365 - Project365
  2. Condition Based Advanced Filters user experience design advanced filter advanced search advanced filtering filters build filter builder query conditions condition user experience ux user experience daily ui application ux
    View Condition Based Advanced Filters
    Condition Based Advanced Filters
  3. Advanced Search ux ui cloudacademy cards ui cards filtering filters filter results search results search engine search bar searching search platform crm dashboard app dashboard design dashboard ui dashboard
    View Advanced Search
    Advanced Search
  4. Real Estate Searching Tool dailyui interior realestate prices location hotel room sell buy filter search website house map apartament ux ui app web
    Real Estate Searching Tool
  5. Daily UI 022 - Movie Search uxui ux amazon neflix imdb movie app film movie search engine searching advance filters advanced search filter search bar search dashboard dark theme application daily ui dailyui
    Daily UI 022 - Movie Search
  6. Buddy Challenge webdesign selection filter searching list search challenge playoff buddy dashboard uxdesign uidesign design interface ux ui
    View Buddy Challenge
    Buddy Challenge
  7. Card based Interaction travel app travel card swipe animation slider location cards ux ui filter search ios
    View Card based Interaction
    Card based Interaction
  8. My Accounts Page searching ux profile history interface bank filter account cryptocurrency crypto wallet list calendar transaction sketch web ui
    View My Accounts Page
    My Accounts Page
  9. Search results & Top filters ui mobile fiverr ios app search engine icons top filter filter gig cards results search results flow searching search
    View Search results & Top filters
    Search results & Top filters
  10. Rule-Based Advanced Search with Applied Filters advanced query query builder ruleset rules browse toggle advanced search search facets filter sort options filters applied filters
    View Rule-Based Advanced Search with Applied Filters
    Rule-Based Advanced Search with Applied Filters
  11. Property App dailyui application app design illustrator location searching filter profile search uidesign appdesign uitrends concept design app ux design userinterface ui property property search
    View Property App
    Property App
  12. Charity platform dashboard based on blockchain technology filter table list cards events dashboad ui charity web cryptocurrency blockchain platform fundraise
    View Charity platform dashboard based on blockchain technology
    Charity platform dashboard based on blockchain technology
  13. Exploring Shots on Dribbble filters user research usability testing search filtering searching search results shots filter ui
    View Exploring Shots on Dribbble
    Exploring Shots on Dribbble
  14. Job searching app inspiration minimal google modern blue dashboard profile ux ui clean white find search job
    View Job searching app
    Job searching app
  15. Food app - Search / Filter searching reviews delivery food form filter search animation apps illustration mobile graph charts 2d design app clean ux web ui
    View Food app - Search / Filter
    Food app - Search / Filter
  16. Location Based Artist Search filter icons flat design interface designer artist search map ux ui
    View Location Based Artist Search
    Location Based Artist Search
  17. Material Design Based Admin and nav-bar search filter design material admin
    View Material Design Based Admin and nav-bar search
    Material Design Based Admin and nav-bar search
  18. FlyLine Flight Booking App interaction animation filters flight search searching travel app flight booking flight app illustrations icon app chart ui ux
    View FlyLine Flight Booking App
    FlyLine Flight Booking App
  19. Search results search engine searching search results search bar search aftereffects after design app ux ui motion animation
    View Search results
    Search results
  20. Filter/Searching - Vox Store interaction animation loading black genres vox store filter ui
    View Filter/Searching - Vox Store
    Filter/Searching - Vox Store
  21. Admintory Order Details saas table design table left menu menu interaction advanced search searching search payment dashboard animation video interaction webanimation webapplication webapp ecommerce webapp ecommerce shop ecommerce app ecommerce
    View Admintory Order Details
    Admintory Order Details
  22. Real Estate Search Result Page design support app download website design agent apartment home property real estate searching results map view listing design agency ofspace agency
    View Real Estate Search Result Page
    Real Estate Search Result Page
  23. Job searching application splash screen onboarding screen onboarding modern ui abstract background abstract ux minimal design minimalist orange blue minimal job search job application job listing job mobile ui mobile ui uidesign
    View Job searching application
    Job searching application
  24. search page  |  YUN editor video short searching filter landing bar active logo web cloud search
    View search page | YUN editor
    search page | YUN editor
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