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  1. Daily UI 044 Favorites publication ecommerce goods liked bookmark star favorites profile product design mobile ui details ui elements phone design challenge ux ui dailyui044 dailyui
    Daily UI 044 Favorites
  2. Interactive restaurant recommendations app favorites location restaurant animation flow profile tinder swipe cards delivery food
    View Interactive restaurant recommendations app
    Interactive restaurant recommendations app
  3. Daily Ui Challenge 044 - Favorites purple ux gradient menu dropdown favorites 044 daily ui challenge ui daily
    View Daily Ui Challenge 044 - Favorites
    Daily Ui Challenge 044 - Favorites
  4. Daily UI Challenge #044 - Favorites cities city favourites favourite favorites favorite fav card gif animation gif animation daily challange ui design daily 100 challenge daily 100 dailui app adobe xd
    View Daily UI Challenge #044 - Favorites
    Daily UI Challenge #044 - Favorites
  5. Daily UI 044 - Favorites fitness app favorites favorite ux ui  ux design app design daily ui challenge ui ui design daily ui dailyui044 dailyui dailyuichallenge
    View Daily UI 044 - Favorites
    Daily UI 044 - Favorites
  6. Feed blue favorites search image feed ios application interface mobile clean app ux ui
    View Feed
  7. Daily UI #044 Favorites app icon articles timeline favorites mobile ux ui 044 dailyui daily
    View Daily UI #044 Favorites
    Daily UI #044 Favorites
  8. Sport News App subscription favorite team football ux typography illustration logo my feed feed favorites dashboard app mobile white ios
    View Sport News App
    Sport News App
  9. My Movie Profile wishlist wishes insights favorites stats profile tv series movies films dashboard app mobile ios white
    My Movie Profile
  10. Facebook Favorites motion after effects animation mobile star favorite people sketch ui branding illustration
    View Facebook Favorites
    Facebook Favorites
  11. Shopping App /  Favorites Tab ios album photo album photo app favorites favorite board collection flat pink feed shopping shop shopping app ecommerce mobile fashion photo minmal clean
    View Shopping App / Favorites Tab
    Shopping App / Favorites Tab
  12. Auction iOS app cards favorites share auctions search button time app concept productdesign detail homescreen profile add discover bidders bid auction ios ui design
    View Auction iOS app
    Auction iOS app
  13. Profile and location ios ux ui favorites location setting illustration address shop profile
    View Profile and location
    Profile and location
  14. Fliist: Social Network Website Design Case Study movies behance social recommendations favorites platform design interface ux ui books travel
    View Fliist: Social Network Website Design Case Study
    Fliist: Social Network Website Design Case Study
  15. Daily UI Challenge #044 — Favorites 044 color challenge daily dailyui product ui ux app 44 travel favorites
    View Daily UI Challenge #044 — Favorites
    Daily UI Challenge #044 — Favorites
  16. Favorites & Mark Steps app ios
    View Favorites & Mark Steps
    Favorites & Mark Steps
  17. Fall Favorites — iOS App invision studio recipe food fall ux ui invisionstudio interaction transition invision design tools animation design
    View Fall Favorites — iOS App
    Fall Favorites — iOS App
  18. Movies -Search Concept search page movies landing widget card filter favorites design concept
    View Movies -Search Concept
    Movies -Search Concept
  19. DailyUI #044 slide feed microanimation animation prototype favorites favs mobile ux ui challenge dailyui
    View DailyUI #044
    DailyUI #044
  20. Daily UI :: 044 - Favorites favourites favourite favorites favorite mobile app app design mobile app design application app flat minimal ui alignment design
    View Daily UI :: 044 - Favorites
    Daily UI :: 044 - Favorites
  21. Event App - Search search sports event preferences choices music festivals basketball categories favorites personalization application iphone mobile ui ios app
    View Event App - Search
    Event App - Search
  22. DailyUI 044 - Favourites favorites favourites design mobile app design dailyui
    View DailyUI 044 - Favourites
    DailyUI 044 - Favourites
  23. Daily UI 044 - Favorites download blue minecraft app design product page list favorites favorite dailyui044 daily 100 challenge digitalart branding mobile flat app design dailyuichallange ux dailyui ui
    View Daily UI 044 - Favorites
    Daily UI 044 - Favorites
  24. Favorites Empty State web desktop favorites favorite empty state design visual ui ux
    View Favorites Empty State
    Favorites Empty State
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