Cross Stitch

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Holiday Cross-stitch
    View Holiday Cross-stitch
    Holiday Cross-stitch
  2. Cross Stitching Tools texture yarn scissors beer can cross stitching cross stitch design illustration
    View Cross Stitching Tools
    Cross Stitching Tools
  3. Sip 'N' Stitch Poster event design poster yarn embroidery hoop beer cross stitching cross stitch texture illustration
    View Sip 'N' Stitch Poster
    Sip 'N' Stitch Poster
  4. Blossom & Bloom Branding graphic design typography graphic blossom spring flower badge composition floral cross stitch illustration simple branding identity logo design
    Blossom & Bloom Branding
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Action new year background pattern cross-stitch holiday action effect photoshop christmas sweater ugly knitted
    View Ugly Christmas Sweater Action
    Ugly Christmas Sweater Action
  6. Bless This Mess cross stitch pixel floral typography
    View Bless This Mess
    Bless This Mess
  7. Cross Stitch Heart Mark sisterhood love branding logo heart cross stitch
    View Cross Stitch Heart Mark
    Cross Stitch Heart Mark
  8. Lockup And Icon stitch cross branding logo brand illustration vector
    View Lockup And Icon
    Lockup And Icon
  9. Human Being craft cross stitch typography type letters custom type
    View Human Being
    Human Being
  10. Cross Stitch UI design game app design puzzle ux ui
    View Cross Stitch UI design
    Cross Stitch UI design
  11. My Favorite Murder - Lock your Fning Door cross stitch knit pixel apparel podcast mfm my favorite murder
    View My Favorite Murder - Lock your Fning Door
    My Favorite Murder - Lock your Fning Door
  12. Cross Stitch Break vector icon typography logotype logo design
    View Cross Stitch Break
    Cross Stitch Break
  13. 💯 Cross-Stitch diy handmade embroidery emoji art 💯 100 cross-stitching cross-stitch emoji
    View 💯 Cross-Stitch
    💯 Cross-Stitch
  14. Home Sweet Home Shirt cross-stitch stitch shapes vector university of tennessee tn lettering type typography knoxville tennessee
    View Home Sweet Home Shirt
    Home Sweet Home Shirt
  15. Letterpress holiday greeting christmas holidays card print unicorns cross-stitch letterpress
    View Letterpress holiday greeting
    Letterpress holiday greeting
  16. 094 cross stitch embroidery hoop embroidery face sewing handmade felt the100dayproject
    View 094
  17. Stitch Life Logo stitching brand identity branding graphic design art vector graphic design logo cross stitch embroidery
    View Stitch Life Logo
    Stitch Life Logo
  18. Gettin' Spooky 👻 handmade emoji art emoji embroidery diy cross-stitching cross-stitch cross stitch spooky ghost halloween
    View Gettin' Spooky 👻
    Gettin' Spooky 👻
  19. Cross Stitch Tarot Card pixel pixel art stitch skull card tarot cross stitch
    View Cross Stitch Tarot Card
    Cross Stitch Tarot Card
  20. Cross-stitch floral elements pixelart embroidery ukrainian blue slanapotam cross-stitch floral flower
    View Cross-stitch floral elements
    Cross-stitch floral elements
  21. Meow embroidery! cross stitch embroidery kitten meow cat
    View Meow embroidery!
    Meow embroidery!
  22. Stickers palette threads hand illustration needle cross stitch embroidery needle crafts arts and crafts art show craft show stickers
    View Stickers
  23. Favorites empty state blank state clothing cross stitch rose plant ecommerce marketplace shopping texture illustration favorites
    View Favorites
  24. Home Tiny Home tiny house retro vintage home house cross-stitch dwnsz
    View Home Tiny Home
    Home Tiny Home
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