252 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Admintory Menus web app dark navigation design menu design collapse collapsed interaction animation ecommerce dashboard menu ui ux dashboard app navigation bar left menu menu
    Admintory Menus
  2. Grouped Cards collapse expand group ios animaton cards mobile app ui
    View Grouped Cards
    Grouped Cards
  3. Side Menu Events ui component light version drawer open collapse clean focus hover events side menu
    View Side Menu Events
    Side Menu Events
  4. 📌 Navigation list blue nav bar dashboard collapse sidebar navigation nav gradient icons clean simple design ux ui
    📌 Navigation
  5. Cimple Finder - Iconography expand collapse diamond search black blue iconography icons design vector illustration interface design significa ux ui iconset icons
    View Cimple Finder - Iconography
    Cimple Finder - Iconography
  6. OKR tree view modes collapse expand graph tree okrs
    View OKR tree view modes
    OKR tree view modes
  7. Brickshare card : source (Expand/Collapse) money currency chart numbers graphic share house home building investor investment button text cardboard sharma neel prakhar file sketch card
    View Brickshare card : source (Expand/Collapse)
    Brickshare card : source (Expand/Collapse)
  8. 📐 Navigation Spacing measure component ruler collapse nav navigation white space specs spacing simple guide dashboard 8pt grid 8pt clean design ux ui
    📐 Navigation Spacing
  9. collapse design vector lettering 2d animation typography
    View collapse
  10. Search Results collapse expand group results grouping group by group table data table search results results search ui innovatemap indianapolis indiana
    Search Results
  11. ⚙️ Settings / Apps - New Countly UI filter cms collapse logo icon tooltip input material navigation menu configuration settings light ui clean layout dashboard analytics app ux ui
    View ⚙️ Settings / Apps - New Countly UI
    ⚙️ Settings / Apps - New Countly UI
  12. GRID CMS  – Details Panel purple collapse expand interaction design interaction branding content content management content management system cms detail panel details panel details
    View GRID CMS – Details Panel
    GRID CMS – Details Panel
  13. Apprian - FAQ user collapse expand product mobile app startup page landing message paragraph text answer question faq
    View Apprian - FAQ
    Apprian - FAQ
  14. 3D Expand/Collapse widget ui 3d collapse expand animation
    View 3D Expand/Collapse widget
    3D Expand/Collapse widget
  15. Collapse And Expand Concept sketch principle animation exploration concept blue expand collapse drawer
    View Collapse And Expand Concept
    Collapse And Expand Concept
  16. Category List View accordian ecommerce progressive disclosure listing products collapse info web layout detail groceries
    View Category List View
    Category List View
  17. Micro-interaction - Card profile product design accordion collapse expand card animation micro-interaction
    View Micro-interaction - Card
    Micro-interaction - Card
  18. application navigation hover desktop application transition animation expand collapse menu navigation
    View application navigation
    application navigation
  19. Messages Animation collapse ui toggle ui messages ui tabbed messages user interface user experience ux ui design
    View Messages Animation
    Messages Animation
  20. Expand and Collapsable List principle motion graphics web design product design hover state interaction design list table accordian expand and collapse list view
    View Expand and Collapsable List
    Expand and Collapsable List
  21. collapse ai design creative type typography illustration minimal
    View collapse
  22. Data Tables accordion collapse expand payments table data tables data table
    Data Tables
  23. Timelog | White scroll tabs collapse sidebar report monthly report white dashboad card calendar simple web design table minimal app ux interface layout clean ui
    View Timelog | White
    Timelog | White
  24. Create New Course - Assessment System collapse expanded drag and drop create new course ui web sketch freebies freebie free school university education test exam
    View Create New Course - Assessment System
    Create New Course - Assessment System
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