Candidates Shots

131 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Blog illustration: Design Hiring

    Dribbble Dribbble Team Renee Fleck Renee Fleck Dribbble

  2. Candidate Pipeline – Hiring Platform

    Fintory Fintory Team Julian Herbst Julian Herbst Pro

  3. Kanban Board - Manage Candidates

    Stead Stead Team

  4. Gojobs - Find It Jobs

    Sebo Sebo Team Ibnu Mas'ud Ibnu Mas'ud Pro

  5. 📆 Interface for scheduling interviews in HR

    Marek Dlugos 🚀 Marek Dlugos 🚀

  6. Dashboard-List View

    Dany Rizky Dany Rizky

  7. onboarding

    Brucira Brucira Team Siddhita upare Siddhita upare Pro

  8. Positions - revisited

    Lucia Kubinska Lucia Kubinska Pro

  9. Onboarding dashboard

    Objectivity Designers Objectivity Designers Team Michał Rome Michał Rome Pro

  10. HR platform dashboard

    Gregoire Vella Gregoire Vella Pro

  11. Presidential Portraits - [Full Project]

    Andrew Colin Beck Andrew Colin Beck

  12. Adding candidates modal

    Lucas Swierad Lucas Swierad

  13. TalentLyft landing pages

    Bien Bien Team Ivan Bjelajac Ivan Bjelajac Pro

  14. More Hope, Less Fear

    Alan Geraghty Alan Geraghty

  15. Scouta Design - Recruitment Hiring Teams & Top Talent Candidates

    Liviu Anghelina - UX/UI Designer Liviu Anghelina - UX/UI De... Pro

  16. Hungry Techs on Product Hunt

    Danilo Tanic Danilo Tanic Pro


    Engage Engage Team Shane Helm Shane Helm Pro

  18. Empty State Illustrations #2

    Danilo Tanic Danilo Tanic Pro

  19. ATS Wireframes

    Nitin Garg Nitin Garg Pro

  20. Candidates list view

    Cosmin Neagu Cosmin Neagu Pro

  21. Demando - Recruitment Marketplace Billboard

    Denisa Mihaela Denisa Mihaela

  22. Homepage Design

    Ana Hernandez Ana Hernandez

  23. Demando - Recruitment Marketplace Homepage

    Denisa Mihaela Denisa Mihaela

  24. Empty Pipeline

    Thomas Cullen Thomas Cullen Pro

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