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  1. Language Learning App Concept UI Design 🇫🇷|🇬🇧 night mode dark mode c4d 3d illustration duolingo online learning busuu language language learning learning app learning language app daily ui case study illustration ui concept minimal branding figma
    View Language Learning App Concept UI Design 🇫🇷|🇬🇧
    Language Learning App Concept UI Design 🇫🇷|🇬🇧
  2. Busuu rebrand branding design conversation language learning brand
    View Busuu rebrand
    Busuu rebrand
  3. Education icons icon languages icon set busuu design icons glyph
    View Education icons
    Education icons
  4. Landing Page homepage landing page ui language learning education languages busuu web learning
    View Landing Page
    Landing Page
  5. Grammar icons glyph abstraction abstract design icon design icon set icons abstract language grammar busuu icon design
    View Grammar icons
    Grammar icons
  6. Exercise redesign – busuu learning language design ui bar translation error player
    View Exercise redesign – busuu
    Exercise redesign – busuu
  7. Omni XL - Learn Languages: Edit Avatar (Concept) concept ui user interface innovative redesign design branding ux user experience omni language language school language learning duolingo busuu babbel rosetta stone memrise drops
    Omni XL - Learn Languages: Edit Avatar (Concept)
  8. Course page redesign  busuu dashboard courses redesign learning language web website
    View Course page redesign
    Course page redesign
  9. Up Down Vote downvote upvote rate vote app busuu
    View Up Down Vote
    Up Down Vote
  10. Mobile App Interaction Design Case Study - Busuu ux ui prototyping prototype mockplus mobile interaction designer design appdesign app
    View Mobile App Interaction Design Case Study - Busuu
    Mobile App Interaction Design Case Study - Busuu
  11. Streak award mobile language learning after effect ux ui congratulation busuu design flame congrats quote rewards reward ios streaks streak app animation
    View Streak
  12. busuu - Profile profile progress data dashboard busuu redesign stats language learning
    View busuu - Profile
    busuu - Profile
  13. Omni XL - Learn Languages: Lessons (Concept) drops memrise rosetta stone babbel busuu duolingo language learning language school language omni user experience ux branding design redesign innovative user interface ui
    View Omni XL - Learn Languages: Lessons (Concept)
    Omni XL - Learn Languages: Lessons (Concept)
  14. Busuu onboarding redesign app iphone settings icon design icons language icon set goal personalised onboarding mockup ui ux busuu
    View Busuu onboarding redesign
    Busuu onboarding redesign
  15. Busuu - Brand guidelines marketing design marketing design branding
    View Busuu - Brand guidelines
    Busuu - Brand guidelines
  16. busuu PRO Platform  progress graph data universities students teacher schools languages learning platform dashboard
    View busuu PRO Platform
    busuu PRO Platform
  17. Busuu Workflows language logo workflows web ux design ux desktop design ui design canva ui
    View Busuu Workflows
    Busuu Workflows
  18. Happy Halloween from busuu zombie bats ghosts scary spooky sketch halloween illustration
    View Happy Halloween from busuu
    Happy Halloween from busuu
  19. Learning Japanese with Busuu ;) design vector branding illustration
    View Learning Japanese with Busuu ;)
    Learning Japanese with Busuu ;)
  20. Busuu's learners vector branding design illustration
    View Busuu's learners
    Busuu's learners
  21. This is Busuu branding vector illustration design
    View This is Busuu
    This is Busuu
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