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398 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. 🏠Real Estate - Stats property interior real estate bar chart pie chart graph map statistics ui ux
    View 🏠Real Estate - Stats
    🏠Real Estate - Stats
  2. Dashboard Perfomance stats fintech chart bank line bar social perfomance finance illustration gauge statistics graph dashboard ux ui
    View Dashboard Perfomance
    Dashboard Perfomance
  3. Project Status summary ui kit performance clean stats graph freebie design table navigation menu progress bar kit ui dashboard
    View Project Status
    Project Status
  4. Metrics Logo concept buy for sale mark icon register check mark m letter typography design graph data bar chart analytics identity finance logo branding
    Metrics Logo
  5. Medical Studies Concept studies report design data visualisation data visulization data table filters line graph bar chart analytics table data web ux ui
    View Medical Studies Concept
    Medical Studies Concept
  6. Team Roadmap - Taskio ui kit stats performance clean design web progress bar graph ui dashboard
    View Team Roadmap - Taskio
    Team Roadmap - Taskio
  7. Report Builder for NLP Platform web enterprise data visualisation score builder metrics bar chart report design report analytics chart analytics legend line achart tabs chart builder report builder graph dashboard chart area chart
    View Report Builder for NLP Platform
    Report Builder for NLP Platform
  8. Nutrition Tracking • Chart Interaction motion visual trend tracking bar chart nutrition health graph visualization data chart app dashboard product animation interface web ui design
    Nutrition Tracking • Chart Interaction
  9. Waterfall NPS Chart enterprise data visualisation infographic graph waterfall graph analytics data analysis data bar chart interface report widget charts data management data visualization dashboard waterfall waterfall chart sentiment analytics chart
    View Waterfall NPS Chart
    Waterfall NPS Chart
  10. Health & Wellness - CareUp Mobile tracker icons dashboard blue fitness weight illustration activity agenda tabs profile to do widelab navigation bar menu chart graph workout goals app
    View Health & Wellness - CareUp Mobile
    Health & Wellness - CareUp Mobile
  11. Velocity: A dashboard UI kit bar chart data visualisation freebie free ui kit transactions statistics fintech analytics sales finance track widget graph chart dashboard
    Velocity: A dashboard UI kit
  12. Courses Page search menu tapbar complete score bookmarks progress bar view branding design rating application clean interface topic bubble select stats piechart graph course education lesson dashboard infographic chart
    Courses Page
  13. Daility App UI Kit health app care graph saas app cards charts chart homepage navigation bar health mobile app ios concept ui mobile minimal design colors clean app
    View Daility App UI Kit
    Daility App UI Kit
  14. Secret WIP App graph analytics percentage bottom bar dark gradient timer pie chart score app iphone x
    View Secret WIP App
    Secret WIP App
  15. Loops dashboard app mobile product design blood pressure date change list progress bar loading calendar filter days activity heart beat steps counter graph dashboard infographic chart
    Loops dashboard app
  16. Real Estate CRM platform real estate crm system widget management cards information table compare analytics progress bar piechart graph data dashboard infographic chart
    View Real Estate CRM platform
    Real Estate CRM platform
  17. 📈 Stocks & Crypto Screener fintech graph money navigation tabs user interface dark theme light theme ui switch animation app desktop finance interactive trading stocks menu bar app mac os menu bar design ui ux crypto blockchain
    View 📈 Stocks & Crypto Screener
    📈 Stocks & Crypto Screener
  18. Financial dashboard filter dropdown navigation bar tabs date picker calendar labels input navigation menu navigation charts chart graphs graph statistics web desktop dashboard ui console dashboard
    View Financial dashboard
    Financial dashboard
  19. Responsive motion Dashboard flat side bar radial orange line chart wave mobile responsive ui ux web data statistic money budget waves motion graph animation dashboard
    View Responsive motion Dashboard
    Responsive motion Dashboard
  20. 📈 Anasen UI Iteration filters line chart bar chart graph datavisualization data science data analytics desktop blue data app chart dashboard simple clean design ux ui
    📈 Anasen UI Iteration
  21. College Student Management System data illustrations design fluent design admin histogram graph bar charts management systems data charts information charts statistical charts data visualization icon chart web monitoring dashboard
    College Student Management System
  22. Sipgate Dashboard user experience user interface charts bar chart graph infodesign infographic information design data visualization dataviz uxdesign uidesign dashboard interface ux ui
    View Sipgate Dashboard
    Sipgate Dashboard
  23. Smart Kitchen mode selection slider search profile start button tapbar timer heat temperature cooking meal dish device progress bar graph stats smart home kitchen dashboard infographic chart
    Smart Kitchen
  24. Stat Cards funnel trend pie chart donut chart pie donut bar chart bar stat card stats statistics stat card graph chart dashboard ui innovatemap indianapolis indiana
    Stat Cards
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