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  1. [WIP] Switching between the data 💎 saas lend lending fintech dashboad animation ios color app slide design interaction applicant pie chart data gender slider motion mobile graph ae
    View [WIP] Switching between the data 💎
    [WIP] Switching between the data 💎
  2. Job Search - Mobile App applicant candidate hiring platform job finder mobile app job search platform job board product mobile app social app marketplace ios app web design dashboard app jobs job portal job search job finder job application job listing job
    View Job Search - Mobile App
    Job Search - Mobile App
  3. iOS Taxi Application design typogaphy point direction road button spanish cactus black yellow application design android android app ios applicant application taxi map
    iOS Taxi Application design
  4. Application Form calendar input rental fill form applicant application intellirent rent ui app web
    View Application Form
    Application Form
  5. cvitch wip card chart hr applicant job position application dashboard interface ux ui
    View cvitch wip
    cvitch wip
  6. Job Search Platform find job job seeker dashboad builder resume freelancer web app saas landing page software design job app professional search create job job applicant applicant job search job application job listing job board jobs job
    View Job Search Platform
    Job Search Platform
  7. W Conservatory - Audition music portal landing page music platform website applicant student study judgement landing instruments orchestra tuition talent
    View W Conservatory - Audition music portal landing page
    W Conservatory - Audition music portal landing page
  8. NYO CHINA - Audition music platform talent tuition orchestra instruments admin judgement study student applicant dashboard platform music
    View NYO CHINA - Audition music platform
    NYO CHINA - Audition music platform
  9. Discover Properties Mobile discover properties property search map applicant application intellirent rent ui app web
    View Discover Properties Mobile
    Discover Properties Mobile
  10. Discover Properties web app ui rent intellirent application applicant map search property properties discover
    View Discover Properties
    Discover Properties
  11. Task Management Kanban Design animations notifications icons sorting members time tracking attachments photo gallery details sidebar navigation filters sort cards inbox manager applicant
    View Task Management Kanban Design
    Task Management Kanban Design
  12. Applicant Profile View full view info contacts personal experience skills modal slide profile managing applicant dashboad
    Applicant Profile View
  13. Applicant Analytics Dark Theme statistics landing page hr cloud minimal dark theme hr software freebies dashboard ui kit ui kit analytics dashboard applicant find job job seeker
    View Applicant Analytics Dark Theme
    Applicant Analytics Dark Theme
  14. F Logo blue trademark mark logo letter portfolio position applicant job page paper f
    View F Logo
    F Logo
  15. Kanban for Job Manager drag drag and drop move accept webapp app recruit profile list applicant dashboad management manager job kanban
    View Kanban for Job Manager
    Kanban for Job Manager
  16. Job Search Platform - Message uiux designer freelancer real estate saas professional services job seeker resume applicant webapp design web design dubai jobs saudi arabia find job job search hiring job listing job application job board job
    View Job Search Platform - Message
    Job Search Platform - Message
  17. Vacancy info Dark description manage applicant ats recruit vacancy stats statistics charts info infographic ui dashboard ui dashboad
    View Vacancy info Dark
    Vacancy info Dark
  18. Waiting applicant clock chair satchel workplace plant hourglass sweat portrait frame wait waiting room work boss office interview waiting character thierry fousse illustration
    View Waiting
  19. Applicant Tracking hiring hr applicant kanban ats ui ux
    View Applicant Tracking
    Applicant Tracking
  20. Atlantbh ios app clean applicant jobs user experience user interface design ux ui
    View Atlantbh
  21. HR Management - Hireman illustration jobs tasks reports leave webdesign applicant application teams employee office logo dashboard app managment human resource hr cloud dashboad
    HR Management - Hireman
  22. Vacancy Info recruit statistics description stats chart infographic info dashboard ui dashboad applicant job vacancy
    View Vacancy Info
    Vacancy Info
  23. Applicant Profile uxdn screening process web app app product designs product design vms erp crm profile user profile screening software hr software hrms hr applicants management ats applicant tracking system applicants applicant
    View Applicant Profile
    Applicant Profile
  24. Jobhelp - Job Board Responsive Template job seeker job posting job listing job directory job board freelancer employment corporate companies career candidate applicant
    View Jobhelp - Job Board Responsive Template
    Jobhelp - Job Board Responsive Template
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