60s Handlettering

Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

  1. Funky Type. Trendy Life. hand lettering typography 60s 70s groovy box paper texture halftone fire matchbook matchbox matches vintage retro handlettering funky lettering
    View Funky Type. Trendy Life.
    Funky Type. Trendy Life.
  2. Gloomy But Groovy daisies hands 60s 70s vintage retro reverse contrast quote flowers floral illustration type typography handlettering lettering
    View Gloomy But Groovy
    Gloomy But Groovy
  3. 50th Anniversary Woodstock - Jimi Hendrix (iHeartRadio) afro typography floral groovy handlettering poster design 70s 60s hippie jimi hendrix psychedelic woodstock portrait illustration
    View 50th Anniversary Woodstock - Jimi Hendrix (iHeartRadio)
    50th Anniversary Woodstock - Jimi Hendrix (iHeartRadio)
  4. Will You Be My Quaran-tine? orange leaves retro 60s coronavirus covid valentine romantic roses toilet paper flowers script floral illustration type typography handlettering lettering
    View Will You Be My Quaran-tine?
    Will You Be My Quaran-tine?
  5. Some More Lettering vintage design 60s 70s procreate psychedelic vintage retro photoshop type handlettering lettering digitalart vector typography graphicdesign design
    View Some More Lettering
    Some More Lettering
  6. Letter H for "Herb Lubalin" - 36 Days of type typographicart typographicartist newspaper type 60s noir typography noir illustration noir graphicdesign graphicdesigncentral herb lubalin freelancer letters vexel goodtype handlettering letterer illustration lettering type typography
    View Letter H for "Herb Lubalin" - 36 Days of type
    Letter H for "Herb Lubalin" - 36 Days of type
  7. Damn You're Old groovy 60s 70s fat bottom funky vintage retro greeting card quote type typography handlettering lettering
    View Damn You're Old
    Damn You're Old
  8. Newport Jazz Festival color 70s 60s music festival jazz shapes illustration retro vintage
    View Newport Jazz Festival
    Newport Jazz Festival
  9. Sands of Time illustration trippy print retro warmup summer beach woman logo vintage 60s 70s psychedelic
    View Sands of Time
    Sands of Time
  10. Retro Rider Pt. 2 motorcycle woman retro color psychedelic 70s 60s illustration vintage
    View Retro Rider Pt. 2
    Retro Rider Pt. 2
  11. Empathy / Apathy typography type psychedelic hand lettering handlettering hand drawn 1970s 1960s seventies sixties 70s 60s lettering yang yinyang yin apathy empathy
    View Empathy / Apathy
    Empathy / Apathy
  12. Tried by Fire vintage cover trial tried by fire album cover album retrowave retro font retro 50s person figure 60s fire
    View Tried by Fire
    Tried by Fire
  13. End War hippy 60s 1960s branding type vintage logo
    View End War
    End War
  14. Retro Patterning vector shapes 70s 60s geometric retro floral patterning pattern surface design
    Retro Patterning
  15. First Friday Poster greenville warp illustration hand dream badge logo typography groovy psychadelic flowers sun retro poster neon acid 60s 70s vintage friday
    View First Friday Poster
    First Friday Poster
  16. Cigar Bar bar sticker 60s retro vintage star typography custom script lettering identity branding logo badge smoking smoke havana tobacco cigar
    View Cigar Bar
    Cigar Bar
  17. Buggin out vintage texture hand drawn 70s 60s retro purple custom lettering hand lettering whimsical illustration car hippie yellow volkswagen veedub beetle vw
    Buggin out
  18. Shirley's Cafe Logo 60s jacktype jack gudgin hand lettering branding logodesigner logotypes typespire typoespot brand identity logo inspiration goodtype lettering design cafe logo logotype logodesign handlettering lettering
    View Shirley's Cafe Logo
    Shirley's Cafe Logo
  19. Recycle texas austin can beer circle type recycle lockup badge 60s 50s throwback bitstream black cooper illustration mis century mascot retro cartoon
    View Recycle
  20. Retro Sketch geometric flowers shapes texture 60s wallpaper retro 70s watercolor paint sketch
    View Retro Sketch
    Retro Sketch
  21. Voodoo Child script branding logotype 60s 1960s hendrix miami fort lauderdale type vintage logo
    View Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child
  22. Bronco Pro typography texture illustration retro vintage script badge branding bbq design 60s 50s smokers oklahoma meat
    View Bronco Pro
    Bronco Pro
  23. Have Mercy on my Soil hand lettering handlettering hand drawn daisy psychedelic groovy hippie 60s mauve flower wild vintage sticker procreate outdoors nature design illustration
    View Have Mercy on my Soil
    Have Mercy on my Soil
  24. Mid-century Modern Bible illustration cover book layout vintage hipster christian mistical fire cloud god jesus bible fun cool retro mid-century modern mid-century 60s 50s
    View Mid-century Modern Bible
    Mid-century Modern Bible
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