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Instalinks is a service that provides you with a customized landing page and a single, short link that you can use in Instagram and other social media sites.

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Page styles editor

April 16, 2019

Instalinks offers several premade themes to choose from. We thought that it's not enough and decided to encourage the creativity of our customers. So, we've developed styles editor so our customers can make their pages look any way they ...

Links management page

April 15, 2019

Have a look at our design solution for links editor. We tried to found the easiest way for our users to manage their links and immediately see the result. Hope you like it! More shots are about to be posted. Follow us! We promise to i...

Dark style exploration

April 15, 2019

Our design exploration of a dark theme for social media marketing product we've been working on at Syndicode. Hope you like it! If you are a sunny person check out light version of this page. If you want to switch to a "Dark side", just...

User domains list overview for InstaLinks project

April 15, 2019

Oh hi, Dribbblars! Today are we glad to share our first shot of a new product we've been working on in Syndicode. InstaLinks is a great way to share all your social profiles with only one link. Hope you like it! More shots are about ...