1. Dashboard for recruitment marketplace concept dashboard design hr illustration interviews minimal modern recruitment simple tool ui ux
    View Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
    Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
  2. Dashboard for recruitment marketplace analytics concept dashboard design logo minimal modern outline simple statistics ui ux
    View Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
    Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
  3. Dashboard for recruitment marketplace aesthetic concept dashboard design line art minimal modern outline simple ui ux
    View Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
    Dashboard for recruitment marketplace
  4. Jamjoom Medicine Store clean company concept concept design concepts dna health jamjoom medical medical website medicine modern online store ui ux website website ui
    View Jamjoom Medicine Store
    Jamjoom Medicine Store
  5. Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture arabic concept digital government governmental website ksa listing middle east minimal ministry modern official saudi arabia services simple ux website
    View Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
    Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture
  6. buseet - Main Screen bus bus app bus booking bus pooling buseet concept dark mode dark ui dropoff map maps minimal modern pickup simple tracking transport transportation ui ux
    View buseet - Main Screen
    buseet - Main Screen
  7. Door to door - buseet buseet customizable customization dropoff interactive interactive design interactive prototype modern pickup transportation transportation design walking
    View Door to door - buseet
    Door to door - buseet
  8. buseet 2.0 - Onboarding animation bus bus pooling buseet cold experiment growth illustration middle east minimal modern onboarding onboarding ui orange transition transportation ui uiux warm warm colors
    View buseet 2.0 - Onboarding
    buseet 2.0 - Onboarding
  9. Restaurant Digital Menu clean ui concept digital experience food menu minimal modern order ordering restaurant restaurant app restaurant menu simple tablet tablet app ux uxui
    View Restaurant Digital Menu
    Restaurant Digital Menu
  10. Deal App Wireframes arabic cars deal deals design ecommerce filter listing map minimal modern outline properties shopping simple sketch ux wireframe
    View Deal App Wireframes
    Deal App Wireframes
  11. Flair Media Consultancy Website advertising agency camera concept conceptual documentary gold media simple studio videography website
    View Flair Media Consultancy Website
    Flair Media Consultancy Website
  12. Translation Company Website - Footer footer
    View Translation Company Website - Footer
    Translation Company Website - Footer
  13. Translation Company Website - Process abstract abstract design arabic arability art company free layout middle east minimal simple translation website
    View Translation Company Website - Process
    Translation Company Website - Process
  14. Autobus autobus blue bus directions intelligent map ui maps middle east orange pencil public public transportation route plan transportation university ux
    View Autobus
  15. Simple Onboarding animation gradient interaction minimal onboarding simple
    View Simple Onboarding
    Simple Onboarding
  16. Optio - Profile and Leaderboard david bowie deals futuristic gamification gamify gaming app leaderboard leaderboards loyalty minimal modern optio option pencil profile profile design simple
    View Optio - Profile and Leaderboard
    Optio - Profile and Leaderboard
  17. Optio deals dubai gamification gamify gaming gaming app high fidelity loyalty loyalty program minimal modern optio option pencil simple ui wireframes
    View Optio
  18. Surgitech Website - About Us blue collaboration concept future medical minimal modern patient pitch simple stories storyboard ui ui ux
    View Surgitech Website - About Us
    Surgitech Website - About Us
  19. Surgitech Website - Homepage blue collaboration concept future futuristic medical minimal modern patient pitch simple story ui ux
    View Surgitech Website - Homepage
    Surgitech Website - Homepage
  20. Balsamee - Hospital Page balsamee details hospital minimal
    View Balsamee - Hospital Page
    Balsamee - Hospital Page
  21. Raye7 Carpooling App android app carpooling clean material raye7 simple ui
    View Raye7 Carpooling App
    Raye7 Carpooling App
  22. Uber-like App Interactions android animations arabic car flat interaction material minimal parallex uber
    View Uber-like App Interactions
    Uber-like App Interactions
  23. Profile Concept animation bmw car concept dark interaction material principle profile sketch social network web
    View Profile Concept
    Profile Concept
  24. Al Buraq Menu Interactions animation homepage interactions islamic menu micro minimal principle simple travel ux
    View Al Buraq Menu Interactions
    Al Buraq Menu Interactions
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