Responsive Mobile Dashboard | Fintech Loans

May 20, 2019

We had the challenge of creating a simple but informative dashboard. Would love to hear what you all think!

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Story / Testimonial Page

May 15, 2019

We wanted to build trust around the product and we thought what better way than a dedicated page for client success. The stories page is used to build an emotional connection between the potential client and the company.

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Loan Summary Page - Interactive

May 13, 2019

Once a user has entered all their loan information we wanted to provide an interactive confirmation page. Users can edit this information but also see it all in one glance.

Plaid Integration On boarding

May 08, 2019

During our onboarding process, we have to connect the user bank account. We wanted to make the user feel as comfortable as possible during this stage, so we did something interesting - we added intercom to the entire onboarding process. ...

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Milo Landing Page | Loans for Foreign Nationals

May 06, 2019

Hi, community! At Moku we've been working with a great company called Milo that provides equity loans to foreign nationals. Usually, it takes up to 6 months just to get an answer from the bank. At Milo, we can approve a loan in minutes....

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