Whiskey Sour - Block Print

November 28, 2014

It's been a while since I've added to the Classic Cocktail collection but by popular request, I have added the Whiskey Sour. You can find this print and all other prints in the Classic Cocktail series at my etsy shop. https://www.etsy.c...

Caipirinha - Block Print

February 02, 2014

As I worked on this latest block print in the Classic Cocktails series, I find myself longing for summer. This is one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy on a hot summers day. The Caipirinha's origins date back to 1918 in Brazil where it...

Zombie - Block Print

January 19, 2014

A part of the Classic Cocktail Series, the Zombie is a tiki style cocktail that dates back to the 1930's. The Zombie also known as " Skull Puncher" is a deadly concoction of various rums, fruit juices and bitters. The smooth fruity flavo...

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Cuba Libre - Block Print

January 15, 2014

Newest addition to the Classic Cocktail. You may not think of this as a "Cocktail" but the Cuba Libre does have a long history and is one of the most popular cocktails in world. Check it out at my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/...

Old Fashioned - Block Print

January 05, 2014

The Old Fashioned print is inspired by the American cocktail dating back to 1806 of the same name. Some say the Old Fashioned was derived from the first American cocktail referred to as the Bitter Sling. Through the 1800's there were m...

Old Fashioned - Block Print

January 02, 2014

Starting the first block print of 2014. I'll be adding to the cocktail series with what I would consider my all time favorite of the classic cocktails. The Old Fashioned. On to carving this one out.

Negroni - Block Print

December 30, 2013

The latest in the Cocktail series of block prints. One of my all time favorite cocktails! The Negroni, make sure to ask for it by name the next time you visit your local mixologist. You can check out the print here and make sure to chec...

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Moscow Mule - Block Print

December 26, 2013

The latest addition to my cocktail series of block prints.