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What's Next For Design? Explore Dribbble's Design Industry Trends Report

If you’re a design professional, you know that the last two years have significantly changed the course of the design industry at large.

To help you better understand where design is headed and what’s next for your career, Dribbble recently surveyed over 13,500 designers around the globe to gather data on design industry trends you should be aware of moving into 2022.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the results of Dribbble’s 2021 Design Industry Trends Report in partnership with our friends at EditorX—the collaborative web creation platform for designers and agencies.

design industry trends report

Get insights to navigate your design career

Dribbble’s 2021 Design Industry Trends Report explores the current landscape of design and the evolving lifestyle of work. In addition to uncovering designer demographics around the globe, the report aims to answer important questions like:

  • 💼 How has the pandemic impacted designer jobs?
  • 🔎 What are designers looking for in their next role?
  • 👩‍💻 How has the freelance workforce been impacted?
  • 💸 What are the most in-demand designers right now?
  • 🎨 What tools have been dominating the design industry?

Explore the findings

Ready to see the findings? Check out the full report to explore the current landscape of design and stay up to date on the latest in your industry. A big thanks to all who participated in the survey and sharing with Dribbble!

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