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5 quick UI design tips from MDS's Dribbble Workshop

On January 28, we were thrilled to host two live, interactive Dribbble Workshops with interface design legend MDS. We had a blast and learned a ton of UI design tips and best practices along the way!

In case you missed it, we wrapped up a few high-level tips & takeaways from MDS himself to help you on your own UI design learning journey. Keep reading for five tips on how to design visually beautiful interfaces, plus, a list of MDS’s top accessibility resources for UI designers.

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In our first workshop session with MDS, we dove deep into the intricacies of what gives a UI design that “magical” quality we all hope to accomplish. Here are five nuggets of wisdom from MDS on layout, typography, color, and general UI design best practices.

“Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” — Teller, Pen & Teller

1. Become a master of negative space 🌌

“Negative space is design oxygen. Your designs will die without it. Negative space lets things breathe. It’s often the most overlooked aspect in design. You need to become a master of negative space and layout. It’s one of the most critical skills to develop for clean, well-balanced design.”

2. Treat everything like a box 📦

“Since the invention of the letterpress, every letter and word has been contained in a box. The same applies to interface design. Everything is a box. So treat everything like a box—and I mean everything.”

3. Go with your gut ✨

“When it comes to typography, getting the sizing and spacing down for titles and body copy can be one of the trickiest parts. You can be somewhat systematic, but you also have to go on your gut until it feels magical.”

4. Make your life easier and use HSB 🎨

“When choosing color for UI design, make your life easier and use HSB. Pick a hue, and stick with it. All colors can be translated back and forth between formats. HSB is the most user-friendly in my humble opinion.”

5. Copywriting is more important than you think ✍️

“The copywriting is almost as important as the design itself.” — If you want to work on your copywriting skills, Matt’s recommends reading Revising Prose by Richard Lanham—”the absolute best book I’ve ever read on writing.”

Figma UI Design Tips

Figma UI Design Tips

by MDS

Super fast-paced interface design tips inside of Figma

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MDS’s top accessibility resources

In our second workshop session, MDS gave us a crash-course on accessibility and empowered us to embrace designing within these constraints.

An incredible amount of information was covered in this workshop, so we thought we’d leave you with MDS’s top resource recommendations for designing accessible user interfaces.

“Accessibility doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your visual aesthetic. It’s a delicate balance.” — Matt D. Smith

That’s a wrap, friends! If you missed this workshop, don’t fret—we’ve got plenty more live, interactive design workshops coming up soon. We hope to see you there!

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