With team Dribbble stationed across North America, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye on the events happening in cities in our own backyard. We stand with the individuals bravely making their voices heard, and recognize that we can all do better.

As designers, we have a unique skill-set that can help give shape and form to the voices of the under-served, disadvantaged, and unequal. We can help amplify what must be heard. To reinforce this point, we’re shining a spotlight on artwork and design from our community inspired by recent events and Black Lives Matter advocacy. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

β€œWe have the skill sets to be able to create change. As designers, our skillset is perfectly tailored to be involved in political change and social change. It’s completely relevant.” β€” Designer & Illustrator Lisa Engler

We are currently donating 100% of the proceeds from the Dribbble Shop to the Equal Justice Initiativeβ€”a non-partisan, nonprofit group that focuses on criminal justice reform, education on the history of slavery, and racial justice β– 

  1. Black Lives Matter type illustration blacklivesmatter
  2. Love is for EVERYONE justice community hope love thy neighbor illustration hands sign language love is love inclusivity love black lives matter
  3. Black Lives Matter blacklivesmatter type
  4. Black Lives Matter blacklivesmatter dominoes vector retro vintage typography hand drawn illustration
  5. Not Free black lives matter blm equality justice freedom illustration
  6. Colored Love antiracism love sign language lettering type design typography drawing vector branding illustration
  7. George Floyd poster banner protest art protest sam dunn design art drawing
  8. Black Lives Matter graphic design typography logomark lettering logo blacklivesmatter
  9. Black Lives Matter - Remembering George Floyd equality breathe gradient policebrutality racism end tears blacklivesmatter empowerment typeface graphic graphic design image illustration design art georgefloyd
  10. To Live Tee vector script typography type lettering letter black lives matter hand lettering hand drawn hand cotton bureau matter
  11. Black lives matter blackandwhite mask tribal man african graphic design graphic vector illustrator illustration blacklivesmatter
  12. Black Lives Matter calligraphy custom type illustration handlettered handlettering graphic design design blacklivesmatter black lives matter typography type
  13. Together πŸ€ŽπŸ€πŸ–€ minimal art love support friends equal together illustration illustration 2d vector art character design character
  14. Black Lives Matter black lives matter black history month minority representation illustration
  15. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! black lives matter blm
  16. Black lives matter color futura typography type
  17. Black Lives Matter
  18. Silence Is Poster handcuffs eyes violence silence

Row 1: Leigh Le Roux, Alisa Wismer, Tony Safran. Row 2: Miruna Talpas, Oban Jones, Sara. Row 3: Erik McGrew, Kyle Letendre, Alex Burch. Row 4: Sam Dunn, Alex Aperios, Emi Westside. Row 5: Cymone Wilder, Mariosupa, Crystal C. Yan. Row 6: Olga Semklo, Esther Shin, Viet Huynh. Row 7: Savanna Hunter-Reeves, Mark Hardin, Jeret Coe Chiri.

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