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10 helpful mini‑tutorials to quickly boost your design skills

If you’re ready to learn some handy tips & tricks you never knew you needed, you’re in the right place. Designers have been generously sharing their knowledge through some extra helpful visuals, and we’ve rounded them up just for you in this blog post.

Check out the Shots below that each feature a quick design tip, tutorial, or how-to for all kinds of creative practitioners—graphic designers, illustrators, UI designers, you name it. To view each mini-tutorial, make sure you click on the Shots to expand them!

How to create an embossed effect in Ai adobe simple retro vintage blur freebie graphic design illustrator tutorial metal license plate vector design illustration

How to create an embossed effect in Ai

by Gustavo Zambelli

Some of you asked about how I did this effect and here is my answer!

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How to Create a Perfect Dropdown designagency userexperiencedesign userexperiance userexperience uxdesign ux design user interface ui user interface design userinterface designthinking tips design tips design tip product design design agency dropdown ui design uidesign

How to Create a Perfect Dropdown

by bazen.talks

Design by @Marko Dostanic _ Every designer needs to know how to make a good dropdown. In today's post we will show you how to do that in the right way! 👌🏼 _ Almost every project or client will demand from you to show some kind of list, categories, filte...

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Using Illustrator's Roughen Tool cartoon illustrator art vector armadillo texture retro vintage rough tutorial illustrator

Using Illustrator's Roughen Tool

by Erikas

(Click for full screen scroll throughs!) A little instagram tutorial I made, showing how to use the Roughen and Width tools in illustrator to give your vector designs a little vintage edge!

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How To: Draw A Donut adobe learn food tutorial geometry vector digital sketch typography illustration

How To: Draw A Donut

by Burnt Toast ®

Draw a delicious looking donut in less than 2 minutes following these 4 easy steps in Adobe Illustrator 👉 🍩 💕 See Attached! Instagram | Facebook | Behance

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Create a color palette between 2 colors scheme ui design branding simple freebie easy color palette illustration adobe illustrator tutorial

Create a color palette between 2 colors

by Gustavo Zambelli

I didn't know this trick until 2 years ago and it's very helpful in my everyday work. I hope this will helpful for you guys!

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UI Tip - How to Improve Typography in Your IG Posts uidesigns uxdesign typographic typography design designerlife uiuxdesigner uiuxdesign uiux userexperiencedesign userexperience userinterfacedesign typographydesign typography uidesign ui designtips design tips design tip designagency design agency

UI Tip - How to Improve Typography in Your IG Posts

by bazen.talks

Why is typography super important? 🙌 _ Design by @StefanTosic _ What is the basic and primary function of a text? Successfully sending of the message. How can we convey a message if our typography is dysfunctional or over the top? Therefore, it is imp...

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5 Tips for Better Letters type brush calligraphy hand lettering lettering typography

5 Tips for Better Letters

by Ian Barnard

Here are 5 tips for better letters 1. Letter 'E' - The middle arm should be made a little shorter otherwise optically it will look like it's sticking out further than the top and bottom arms 2. Letter 'S' - Top half is slightly narrower than the botto...

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Tips for Building your audience and Attracting clients tricks tips watermelon getting clients building audience sharing slides keynote information infographic illustration

Tips for Building your audience and Attracting clients

by Justas Galaburda

JUST PUBLISHED A NEW ARTICLE ON MY BLOG ✨ - What type of work to create and share to build your audience or attract more clients? I know that I’m not the only one who gets hesitant when it comes to sharing work online. What kind of work should you cre...

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Neumorphism UI Trend 2020 soft ui dark theme guide skeuomorphism neomorphism skeuomorph clean figma typography illustration skeuo white light user interfaces tutorial design trend ui 2020 trend shadows ui trend

Neumorphism UI Trend 2020


Hello Everyone! Have you already heard about the recent UI trend called “New skeuomorphism” or Neumorphism? Skeuomorphism describes how interface objects imitate/mimic their real-world counterparts in how they look or how you can interact with them. Ne...

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