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15 typographic messages to lift your spirits

If you could use a virtual hug right now, you’ve landed in the right place. It’s a scary, confusing time right now, but we love turning to our design community to help lift us up and remind us that we’re not alone. Today, we’re sharing some encouraging, inspirational messages from graphic designers who are putting their creative skills to use and helping us stay strong. So, without further ado, here’s your weekly reminder that it’s all going to be ok.

For more resources to help keep you inspired during these times, check out the stories below and tune into Dribbble’s Overtime Podcast where our good buddy Meg Lewis is helping us weather the storm.

This Too Shall Pass | Lettering logotype vintage hipster quote shall pass this too shal pass typeface. lettering typeface serif slab slabserif motivation branding logo design procreate bulgaria typography type lettering

This Too Shall Pass | Lettering

by Milena Trifonova

Lately, I'm very inspired by this type of fonts, so I decided to try out a simple lettering.

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Remain United 2020 stay home texture psa poster typography blue serif stars flag america usa covid-19 coronavirus

Remain United

by Jacob Etter

A simple poster design reminding you to practice social distancing in order to save the country.

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YOU - Stay strong guys skills stayhome coronavirus staystrong illustrator dribbble animation flowtuts vector illustration vector illustrator adobe illustrator adobe vector design illustration illustration art illustrations illsutration illsutrator

YOU - Stay strong guys

by Flowtuts

YOU - Stay strong guys I am taking advantage of staying home by getting better at my design skills What are you working on ? Stay safe 😷 My Social Media : - Discord - Behance - Website - Twitter - YouTube

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BEE GOOD honeycomb good quarantine indoors coronavirus covid19 social distancing calm alright apart together kindness optimism happy safe home heart honey bee bees


by The Late Knight

BEE GOOD. BEE OPTIMISTIC. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Together Apart. (Quarantine Designing)

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We Are Waves Of The Same Sea together kindness empathy coronavirus covid19 philosophy letters type sea typography quote seneca stoicism water waves

We Are Waves Of The Same Sea

by A. Micah Smith

Last week, I read that a company in China sent thousands of protective masks to Italy. Precious cargo from one nation filled with empathy for their fellow nation. Marked on each crate was a quote from the Stoic philosopher Seneca: "We are waves of the s...

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We're all in this together transparent hold hands quarantine pandemic coronavirus covid covid-19 quote typography illustration lettering

We're all in this together

by Natalia Mikhaleva

Wish I could hold someone's hand for real.

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Stay Calm coronavirus covid19 corona animated animal character drawing loop french bulldog dog frenchie wfh stay safe stay home stayhome animation 2d animation hand drawn illustrator illustration

Stay Calm

by Ivan Mesaros

Finn has a little message for you. Follow his example and stay calm in these weird times. Rocking back and forth helps.

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Virtual Hugs graphic badge design illustration branding brand design logo badge virtual hugs hug logo design design

Virtual Hugs

by Jennifer Pace Duran

If you want to share this on your social feel free to grab that art here and tag me (@pacecreative) https://www.pacecreativedesign.com/virtual-hugs

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Scream ice cream vintage hand lettered lettering


by Mary Kate McDevitt

How's everyone doing?

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Just Breathe breath lady fear anxiety mental health poster vector coronavirus covid-19 illustration

Just Breathe

by Jeremy Booth

In the midst of our global pandemic let’s all take a break and breathe. Anxieties and fears are high, take care of yourself

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Overtime: Let's be Alone Together geometric shapes podcast art

Overtime: Let's be Alone Together

by Meg Lewis

This week on Overtime... 🗣I chat with an event producer about alternatives for IRL events that don't want to cancel. 🗣I peep into the mental health industry to see what advice therapists are giving one another right now! Listen → https://dribbble.com...

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