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Creative 404‑page designs you won't mind getting lost in

It happens to the best of us—we’re browsing a website when all of a sudden, we hit an error. What ensues next is hopefully an engaging, on-brand 404-page experience that might just instill a bit more patience in us. Well, we’re here to show you a few examples of web designs and illustrations depicting error pages that we actually wouldn’t mind getting lost in. Enjoy!

While you’re at it, check out Dribbble’s very own interactive 404 page design!

  1. 404 webdesign illustration error 404 lost error 404 page branding type minimal typography website web flat art app ui modern ux design 404
  2. 404 Page paper 404 page
  3. 404 Page — UI Weekly Challenges-Season 02 / W [2/10] furniture missing blue chair ui error ikea wrong missing page 404 page 404
  4. Daily UI #008 404 Page ecommerce branding 404 training interaction ux dailyui ui
  5. 404 light moon night 404page 404 prison jail web art minimal artist flat vector illustrator illustration design
  6. Daily UI | 008 — 404 Page typography blue 3d oops daily ui 404
  7. oops! flat web pink day008 dailyui 404 page 404 web  design website app ui layout graphic typography illustrator vector minimal color
  8. 404 pattern floral wallpaper error ui popup module typography illustration flowers pickup line 404
  9. Moonworkers 404 Page Illustration 404 page colors creative agency flat graphic branding interface design studio digital art illustration graphic design
  10. 404 web page error kit8 flat vector illustration mistake error found online not 404 web
  11. Daily UI | 008 fruits 404 concept ui simple minimal clean design dailyui
  12. Daily UI Challenge 008 - 404 Page food cheeseburger burger 404 user interface ui dailyui
  13. 404 Page not found floppy disc clipper phone computer lost island 404

Row 1: Saurabh Mali, Kirill Zhevnov, Ana Rumenović. Row 2: Jose Trave Villalba, Евгений Щербаков for Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency, Rizvan Baghirli. Row 3: 𝚕𝚞𝚕𝚊, Lisa Engler, Elena Crnković. Row 4: tubik, Dmitry Z., Kit8. Row 5: Jeremy Noceda, Ivo Mynttinen, Alaina Johnson. Row 6: Philip Nordström, Alona Shostko, Rachit.

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