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Behind the Design with Alana Louise

Earlier this year, we launched our New Dribbble Shop and we’re so excited to highlight some of the amazing designers behind the products for sale. This week, get to know Alana Louise as she talks about her journey on Dribbble, how she found her way into design, and the inspiration behind the sweet All Rivers pennant design, now available in the Dribbble Shop.

Tell us about yourself

Hi! I’m Alana Louise Lyons, and I’m an independent commercial artist in Austin, Texas. I specialize in branding and illustration and create a variety of work for a range of brands—a few of my recent clients being Lee Jeans, YETI, and Newport Folk Festival. Oh, and I need you to know that I love to fly fish, I’m a member of Trout Unlimited, and I’m very involved in my local fly fishing community.

  1. TX Fly Co.
  2. United By Blue Upstream Boardshorts
  3. Austin Beerworks Catch of the Day

Tell us about the inspiration behind your All Rivers pennant.

The most challenging projects are the ones where I am given complete creative freedom—which of course, is never a bad thing! And with this product being sold on the Dribbble Equipment Shop, I wanted to make sure that 1. any phrase I use is not overused or overdone and that 2. it can appeal to any person of any background.

The most challenging projects are the ones where I am given complete creative freedom.

I can’t ignore the fact that I am on some sort of body of water, fishing, at least once a week, and something that I truly love is how all streams flow towards a larger body of water. There’s something symbolic and relatable about that. This inspired the phrase “All Rivers Seek the Ocean” to represent that feeling of motivation and pursuit, regardless of what your personal goal is.


How has the Dribbble community helped you grow as a designer?

Dribbble was a huge influence especially early on in my career. It made it easy to get my work out there, but most importantly, I’ve been able to connect with so many talented designers who have been a source of inspiration. Luckily, I can now call some of these people friends. Thanks, Drib!

Tell us something about yourself we may not already know.

I always planned on majoring in Illustration in art school but a random person I met at a pre-college art camp told me that I should major in Graphic Design. So at the last minute, I blindly went for it and switched majors—even without knowing what Graphic Design was (logos and stuff right?). And here I am fam.

What hashtag should folks use to share photos of the All Rivers pennant?

Please tag me and use #allrivers so I can see how you display the pennant! Bonus points for photographing it next to a river, or even better, next to a fish you caught.

Snag Alana’s pennant in the Dribbble Shop and keep up with her on Dribbble and Instagram.

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