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Page Not Found: our new 404 page, plus 404 designs from the community!

Earlier this week, Rogie King, Senior Product Designer at Dribbble, made the coolest thing that we hope you never see. Take a look at our new 404 page. A typically frustrating page has been transformed into an inspiring one, with a discover-by-color function that loads clickable Dribbble shots in your shade of choice.

New Dribbble 404 Page

New Dribbble 404 Page

by Rogie for Dribbble

Every once in awhile, we get to break out and have a little fun. In this new 404/Not found page, supreme amounts of the fun was had, not to mention the added benefit of color-based discovery! It's live, so have at it: ...

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Rogie has been making improvements all over the place, including our new about page, and there’s a lot more goodness currently in progress (stay tuned!)

Love a good 404 page? We’re particularly fond of Figma’s interactive one, Mailchimp’s adorable one, and Dropbox’s straightforward approach. Here are some more great 404 pages designed by Dribbblers!

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Row 1: Meg for Shopify, Dave Keller for Underbelly, Alex Sailer for Focus Lab. Row 2: Ella Miazina, Mariia Vorobiova, Sofía Salazar for Aerolab. Row 3: Rezza Mohebbi, Dyan Lisondra, Youngshim Gontijo. Row 4: Genially, Elena Perminova, Anna Lazareva.

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