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Bright, black and white, and in real life: our favorite shots from last week

All our favorite shots from last week seemed to be either very bright or totally black and white illustration and typography, or else stark product photography. Then, there’s the shot that stood out yet fit in with the crowd, Nick Slater’s branding for, the color algorithm used for Lyft.

Check out that and more amazing shots from your Dribbble community below!

  1. Packaging for Town & Anchor, by Soul Twin Studio
  2. Hell is Other Phones
  3. LoveHater
  4. 6000 SUX - Product Placement
  5. The Last Guardian
  6. Cusco Barista / Cold Brew
  7. Stay Curious
  8. ColorBox By Lyft
  9. The Timelord Cometh
  10. VR magic
  11. Mind Over Emotion
  12. Fire Wizard

Row 1: SOUL TWIN STUDIO, Christopher Reath, Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor. Row 2: Scott Balmer, James Gilleard, Mike | Creative Mints. Row 3: Jeff Ribeira, Nick Slater, brandon alvarado. Row 4: Pavel Skobelev, Christine Chapman, Artur K..

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