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Design inspiration for the week ahead

There was, as usual, a ludicrous amount of amazing design work from the community last week. From Ryan Putnam’s new tote bag to Megan Chong’s shot highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month at Thrillist, Dribbblers were on their game and productive as always.

Check out those and more shots below and get your Monday morning inspiration!

  1. Back To Nature
  2. Lola Mullen Lowe - Merch Graphics
  3. Chevrolet camaro SS 1967
  4. No 2 Yellow Pencil
  5. Buster of Moves
  6. Little Maker
  7. Character Sketch
  8. Hispanic Heritage Month
  9. Tangled Tote

Row 1: Brett Stenson, João Neves, Dasha Efremova. Row 2: Diane Faye, Ricky Ray, Justin Pervorse. Row 3: Anano Miminoshvili, Megan Chong, Ryan Putnam.

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