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Dribbble Senior Product Designer Rogie King and his #shotsilove tag

Hey it’s great to be here! I’m finally on the inside! opens secret door and whispers…come on in!. As a long time dribbble-fanboy-now-dribbble-designer, it’s super duper cool to be on the inside! And I couldn’t be more stoked on it. Years ago, I would spend every day on Dribbble and it was such a massive source of inspiration for me. It really fueled me to keep on keepin on and creating. Projects like Epic Armory and Super Team deluxe really wouldn’t have happened without the inspiration from this community.

Now that I not only get to be a part of this community, but it gets to be my job, I’d love to share some of my favorite shots in a little post I call #shotsilove. As a designer, programmer, illustrator and artist, I’m hoping I can bring some unique community content to the surface!

Art & Illustration

  1. Marie
  2. Mr. McDee
  3. Expo '55 - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
  4. Illustration Untitled
  5. that cat lady 🐱
  6. Poster for Barzel Beer
  7. ☀️Early Bird ☀️
  8. Honda Elitist
  9. Possible tattoo
  10. CTR Headwear Artist Series - Canyon
  11. Old cassette player
  12. F is for Foliage

Row 1: Ricky Linn, Ben Stafford, Colin Hesterly. Row 2: Nick Slater, Diana Stoyanova for FourPlus Studio, Pierre Kleinhouse. Row 3: Jennifer Hom, Brandon Land, Tyler Anthony. Row 4: Emrich Office, Evgeniy, MUTI.


  1. B-Ball Player
  2. Car
  3. Organic Artificial Intelligence design
  4. Dreams do come true
  5. Training
  6. Get Down

Row 1: Markus Magnusson , Slava Kornilov, Gleb Kuznetsov✈ for Milkinside. Row 2: Jeremy Woons for ueno., Teodor Hristov for Lobster, Pablo Stanley.


  1. Norbauer wordmark thumbs
  2. Business Cards
  3. Sly Fox
  4. Elsa - Branding
  5. Cars Gallery
  6. Louie's Secondary Marks
  7. Stanley Kubrick Biography Website
  8. Schoener Logotype
  9. Pause

Row 1: Wells, Annie Kotenkova, Trey Ingram. Row 2: Eddie Lobanovskiy, Minh Pham ✪, Amy Hood for Hoodzpah. Row 3: tubik, Jonathan Ball, Designer Mike.

By Color — This week’s color is #BADA55

I find that exploring by color really reveals a lot of shots outside of typical trend as well as outside of your own curated following!

  1. Il Sole 24 Ore
  2. Rocket Raccoon
  3. Chikorita nesting doll (poketryoshka)

Row 1: Marco Goran Romano, Alex Griendling, Michael B. Myers Jr..

I’d love it if you’d chime in too! Let’s start using that hashtag and sharing online to help bring visibility to all of the great art and design happening within this totally rad community.

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