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Remote Stories: anonymous experiences on working from home

As we may have mentioned, Dribbble is a fully distributed team, with a few dozen (and counting) employees spread out all over the US, Canada, and parts of Europe. We do all kinds of things to stay connected as a team, have fun, and grow effectively. We have our successes, and there are times we need to go back to the drawing board. We’ve learned a lot.


Remote Stories is a place where remote workers can share their own personal victories and errors; they can lament the parts of remote work that are challenging to them and feel less alone in those struggles, just as they can shout from the rooftops the aspects that have changed their lives for the better. Worked on by Dribbbler and Product Designer Julie Chabin Delanoy, Remote Stories is a place for transparency in the experience of working from home, or from anywhere.

Check out the feed and join the conversation by submitting your own remote story.

Find more Community stories on our blog Courtside. Have a suggestion? Contact stories@dribbble.com.

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