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Meg Lewis Wants to Help You Be You, Full Time

Our pal, much-loved Dribbbler, and design extraordinaire Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns has launched a new endeavor, and we think it’s rad. The project is called Full Time You, a video and workbook series dedicated to helping you settle into your dream career. The program is all about finding your focus, making good decisions, and tailoring your social media and interpersonal strategy to maximize what you have to offer.


We already knew from her amazing Overtime episode that Meg is big on being exactly who you are not just in life, but in work, and letting your personal branding speak to that personality. Now she wants to help you find the confidence and make a plan.

Check out her free advice as well as her customized counseling services!

See more of Meg and her projects on Dribbble, Twitter,, and also check out Meg’s Story at

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