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The UX Research Field Guide by Quintin Carlson

We caught wind of a simple, handy, and quite charming guide for conducting UX research, created by Dribbbler Quintin Carlson. The field guide covers topics like why research matters in the first place, phases of research, the problem of bias, and leaving your findings for others in a way where they are useful and accessible. There’s even a resource list of other excellent reads on the topic to dive deeper.

Photo courtesy of Quintin Carlson

With our own user research master, Samantha Pede, diving in and sharing her thoughts on Dribbble’s efforts in this area, we’ve had the best practices and huge benefits of user research on our mind as well.

Keep up with Quintin and sign up to receive updates, as he plans on adding a lot more excellent content to the guide, including ideas on scaling a research team, tools, and templates!

User research is a magical thing. It’s a solution to problems with your product, your marketing, your design, even your company culture. It will help you sleep better at night. It will prevent you from breaking up with your significant other and yelling at your teammates. It will cure what ails you and save you from yourself.

From Quintin Carlson’s UXR Field Guide

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