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Shot Block: Sketches

If there’s any pattern we’ve noticed in our Timeout interview series, it’s that the majority of designers start out the old-fashioned way: with pencil and paper.

In honor of the New Year, we thought we’d take a moment look at how things begin. In this Shot Block we honor the humble (an often incredible) sketch. Check out some recent outlines from the Dribbble community.

  1. Tiny sketch to develop further
  2. Freehand Lettering
  3. Botmetric Dashboard Sketch Prototype
  4. Sketchbook Thoughts
  5. Why sketches are critical
  6. Whale logo sketch
  7. Botmetric Dashboard Page UI Wireframe Sketch
  8. Identity Design Case Study
  9. Everything New Is Old Sketch

Row 1: Mac Kozal, Estudio Calderón , Rakesh Mondal. Row 2: Rafik El Hariri, Joshua Wold, Jithesh Lakshman. Row 3: Rakesh Mondal, Jeffrey, Kevin N. Coleman.

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