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Shot Block: Back to School

Just as fast as school was out for the summer, it’s back in for the fall. Ready and willing or not, it’s time for students to hit the books, board the bus, and resume their studies.

Check out these “back to school” shots from Dribbblers and feel the school spirit!

  1. Shredder
  2. Education. Pattern
  3. Back To School — Fashion Store
  4. Detention
  5. Kido
  6. Back to School Gift Card Concept 3
  7. Back To School editorial illustration
  8. Stationary Objects
  9. Back 2 School Burger

Row 1: Will Dove, Natalia Tkachenko artappler, Solomiya Kravets for Ester Digital. Row 2: Caroline Saddul Nave, oddis, Eddie N Friends. Row 3: Steph Calvert, Vecteezy, Brooks Brackett.

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