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November Dribbble Meetup Wrap‑up

Over 400 designers attended Dribbble Meetups in November with 7 meetups in 5 countries! Even during the busy holiday season, Dribbblers got together to talk shop, participate in Analog Playoffs, and listen to presentations by talented designers.

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Prague, Czech Republic @ InVision LABS

“On Thursday evening, November 3rd we gathered at InVision LABS Prague for our very first Dribbble Meetup. We had a very informal chat with 3 top designers from the Czech Republic and a special guest from Great Britain with over 50 attendees. There were so many people we hardly had enough chairs!

Ales Nesetril from STRV, Frantisek Kusovsky from Intercom, Lubos Volkov from TopTal and Jamie Syke from Brotherhood sat down with our product manager Tomas Jasovsky and discussed the pros and cons of Dribbble, the changes it experienced in past few years and in the end, they shared some tips on how to present a portfolio to the community to get the most out of it. We wanted the audience to feel included so questions were asked any time during the one hour long chat.

After the talk we stayed in the office for networking over beers, cider and pizza. Speakers stayed with us to give personal tips and to chat with our guests a bit more.

If you missed it, don’t be sad! We have a beautiful photo report from Lukas Neasi and we recorded the whole talk so you will be able to re-play it soon. Expect to hear from us again shortly, we are already preparing new events to share with you!“

  1. Sofia Dribbble Meetup #6

Sofia, Bulgaria @ betahaus

“We are happy to say that this meetup was the best so far. We gathered around 90 people in our favorite co-working space betahaus. The event started with the typical networking and swag giveaway. Everybody loved the stickers from Dribbble, Sticker Mule, Sketch and Marvel. We had two short presentations and Q&A with local Dribbblers deezel and nikolaymotion. Darin talked about living design systems and atomic design, while Nikolay shared his experience with animated GIFs and showcased some of his projects. They both got free lifetime downloads from Lstore, which we hope to see in their dribbble shots soon.

After the talks we started networking while 20 people engaged in the analog playoff with a topic “Space”. It was quite fun to vote for cats, cactuses, poussins and other critters floating in space along with deathstars, planets, spaceships and Elon Musk. Four lucky Dribbblers went home with three Sketch licenses and 1 year trial from Marvel.

Finally, we grabbed a quick dinner in a local restaurant and had an awesome afterparty in one of the best bars in Sofia. Many thanks to Dribbble and all other sponsors that made this happen! We already have some cool ideas for our next meetup, so follow us or hashtag #SofiaDribbble to stay up to date!”

  1. Dribbble Meetup in Tallinn!

Tallinn, Estonia @ Pipedrive

“We had 50+ product design aficionados show up for the first ever Dribbble Meetup in Estonia. The evening was characteristically northern as people got to know each other and the talks were the greatest attraction of the night. Thankfully we had the gems of knowledge about Product Design Sprint and prototyping with Framer immortalized on video. We sure hope the first Dribbble meetup will inspire more design-oriented networking and that the bar will be raised even higher next time there’s a Dribbble event in town.”

  1. Baton Rouge Dribbble Meetup

Baton Rouge, LA @ Radio Bar

“Our event was held by one of Baton Rouge’s favorite hang outs, Radio Bar. We had roughly 30 attendees. Lots of LSU students. The Dribbble swag was well enjoyed. People were thrilled with the Stocksy pins! Crop 2017 had plenty of gear to give out as well including information about the upcoming conference. Our pals Wonder South had a table as well with their gear.”

  1. Dribbble PH Cavite Logo

Silang, Cavite, Phillippines

“Cavite, Philippines first ever Dribbble Meetup was an absolute blast. About 15 lovely people joined us to share and hear about inspiration from different formats. We had so much fun with the Dribbble swags and the Analog Playoff. After the sharing and surprises we had the chance to talk to everyone while eating our fancy food inline with our very relaxing and cool setup at Amiscosa Farm. We also went to Tagaytay to treat ourselves with some Special Bulalo.

We had a tons of fun! We are looking forward to expanding the community and set an another Dribbble Meetup next year. Big thanks to our sponsors specially to Dribbble for bringing us closer.”

Follow Dribbble PH Cavite on Medium at @dribbblephcav for the full story or on Facebook at DribbblePHCavite. Also check out their recap video below.


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    January 18, 2017

    Brooklyn Dribbble Meetup

    Brooklyn, NYC
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    January 23, 2017

    London Dribbble Meetup

    London, United Kingdom
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    January 26, 2017

    Orlando Dribbble Meetup

    Orlando, FL
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    February 2, 2017

    Stockholm Dribbble Meetup

    Stockholm, Sweden
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    February 8, 2017

    Minneapolis, MN Dribbble Meetup

    Minneapolis, MN

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