Music and design go hand in hand—that’s evident on Dribbble. We love seeing shots for concert posters, band merchandise, and album packaging. With the vinyl resurgence, designers have been sharing beautifully designed vinyl records and packaging. Jamie McCue recently designed album artwork for Silent Season, which included a Limited 12” blue vinyl record. Here’s what he had to say about the process:

“My process for designing a record is rooted in connecting with the emotion and vibe of the music itself. For me, going to a record shop buying a piece of vinyl, holding it, reading the liner notes, looking at the pictures, even the smell of the vinyl is all part of the process. Playing a record is a multi-sensory activity, so the touch and feel of the packaging and quality of the vinyl is as important as the music itself. Much like any design process it's about understanding the context of which the music will be played and listened in.”

Below, you can find Jamie’s most recent vinyl shot (center) and eight more musical shots from the last six months.

  1. Forenn / Vinyl collaboration packaging merch design clear vinyl forenn
  2. Constantly Falling photo manipulation photography landscape cd cover vinyl album art
  3. Silent Season Limited 12" record vinyl
  4. Eric Krasno – Waiting On Your Love (Single) package packaging color vintage texture layout typography vinyl retro branding design album cover
  5. Their Dreams are Dead But Ours Is The Golden Ghost printing screenprint vinyl album music band record illustration design
  6. Tame Impala 7" psychedelic retro album cover cover art record music album
  7. Jacques Higgling Retrospective (Record Packaging) typography print design graphic design

Top: Jenna Bresnahan, Zach McNair, Justin Myers. Center: Tina Martin, Jamie McCue, Charlie Robinson. Bottom: Greg Christman, Jason Arias, Thomas Wightman.

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