Timeout + Shot Block: Paul Flavius Nechita's 100 Days of UI

  1. Day 095 - Time is Money project widget recorder counter money is time
  2. Day 094 - Mobile Keyboard chat message text write kit apple ios keyboard ui mobile
  3. Day 093 - TO-DO kit ui flat tickets statistic graph calendar manager task organizer to-do
  4. Day 090 - Equalizer tune dj audio reset custom presets mixer music equalizer
  5. Day 086 - Order Tracking order material ui transit steps info details shipping delivery tracking package
  6. Day 085 - Cinema Application cinema movie seat select ticket but ios mobile app application
  7. Day 066 - Radio Card graphic flat music audio card kit widget ui player radio
  8. Day 063 - Fashion Header widget kit ui flat card product website blog header fashion
  9. Day 059 - Limited Time Offer tag price original widget card deal clock flip ad offer time limited
  10. Day 058 - Daily Traffic graph control widget rate bounce visitors unique traffic daily
  11. Day 055 - Add To widget card view list grid collection favorites checkout cart to add
  12. Day 040 - Pricing Table buy ui shop purchase website table pricing

Who are you?

My name is Paul Flavius Nechita, and I’ve been working as a designer for the past 4 years.

Tell us about your Daily UI Elements for 100 Days Straight project. How’d you decide to launch it, and how have you managed to keep up with what must be a grueling schedule?

This is a challenge that I’ve set for myself to help me step outside my comfort zone. It’s a great way to generate new ideas and to improve some skills.

My main motivation came from an YouTube vlogger named Casey Neistat who started a daily vlog for himself. I loved the fact that he created such amazing and high-quality content on a daily basis and that made me wanna do the same.

I went with 100 days because I felt that anything below that isn’t necessarily a challenge, and I needed something that would make me commit both physically and creatively. I can’t say that that was the best idea I ever had, because there were days when I felt exhausted and then there were days when I struggled to find a good idea to create a shot for the day, but the results that followed made me realize it was all worth it.

What else are you working on?

I have a few projects I’m currently working on, but to be honest I need a small vacation so that is the most important plan I have.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Tell us why it’s a favorite.

Day 001 - Login Form input interface user element widget flat in sing form up sign login

Day 001 - Login Form

by Paul Flavius Nechita

Download FREE PSD & HTML Welcome to Daily UI Elements for 100 days straight (including weekends and holidays). The plan is to dedicate one to two hours daily crafting a widget. I need to move fast, be creative and explore new visual directions. ...

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I feel like this should be my favourite shot, not necessarily because it is the best but because it marks the beginning of my challenge. [Ed. Note: Paul finished his challenge today, so we decided to add his final shot, below.]

Day 100 - Congratulations Card step last completed challenge share trophy celebration congratulations

Day 100 - Congratulations Card

by Paul Flavius Nechita

Welcome to Daily UI Elements for 100 days straight (including weekends and holidays). This is day 100, the last day of the challenge. Thank you for following the project and thanks for all of your support. Also you can read about the challenge here...

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Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


I recently purchased the MX Master from Logitech and I really like it. Except that, nothing special. I only use Adobe products, I don’t like the other alternatives and I don’t feel like I should shift to anything else right now.

Choose a favorite shot from another player. Tell us why you dig it.

blagovest radio iphone app ios apple radio christian russian icon logo identity wood button display switch ui ux audio music player

blagovest radio

by Eddie Lobanovskiy for unfold

Hey guys, here's a preview of another iphone app i'm working on. Basically it's a very simple Russian Christian radio app, with list of radio stations, stop/play, bandwidth toggle, volume control and airplay. Let me know your thoughts. A good friend ...

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I am gonna have to go with this shot from Eddie Lobanovskiy. It’s a shot that inspired me for many years, it’s part of our skeuomorphic past and the details are amazing.

Find Paul at Dribbble, on Twitter, and at www.100daysui.com.

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