March saw 19 Dribbble meetups in 10 countries. Nearly 1,000 of you attended. Go to and find out if there’s an upcoming meetup in your neighborhood. If not, organize one!

Boise, Idaho @

Inaugural Boise Meetup! Boise kicked off what will become a first-Mondays monthly meetup. Thank you, Greg Becker and the rest of the crew at, for pulling everyone together. For information on future Boise meetups, visit Boise Dribbblers on Facebook or at Twitter.

Miami, Florida @ Gramps Miami

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Luis La Torre brought Miami Dribbblers to happy hour at Gramps to meetup and workshop, encouraging attendees “to share our work process from sketch to end product.” One attendee reported back via Twitter, “no drama, good drinks, and meeting cool people.” Sounds like a good time to us.

Birmingham, United Kingdom @ The Loft

  1. Birmingham dribbble meetup

Inaugural Birmingham Meetup! Birmingham’s a contender for best meetup place name: The Loft at Alfie Bird’s at the Custard Factory. How could you not want to go? Not only did Birmingham Dribbblers enjoy the usual swill and swag, but also took in a talk by Karl Randay, UX and creative stragist and senior producer at 383. Thanks to organizer Dan Cooper, new Birmingham creative meetup Klick, and sponsor Adaptable for making it all possible. Photo credits, L-R: Amrit Singh, Richard Jones. Meetup shot by Olly Sorsby.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire @ The Red Door

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Portsmouth shook off the snow and enjoyed a few beers at the Red Door, thanks to AG Fabrega, who also served as meetup shot designer and event photographer.

Stockholm, Sweden @ Bontouch

From meetup organizer André Strindby of Bontouch: “The event was really appreciated even by people who couldn’t join, maybe because there aren’t many meet ups for pixel pushers and creatives in Stockholm. … The two talks that we had were ‘Designing for Apple Watch: A report from the trenches of our four projects at Bontouch’ with Michael Rotstein and Emre Berge Ergenekon, and ‘From idea to final product: A Design Journey’ with Reda Lemeden.”

Austin, Texas @ SXSW # Mellow Johnny’s

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  2. Dribbble SXSW '15

Locals and Dribbblers in town for SXSW came out to hang out, rant and rave with Dribbble, Dropbox and Creative Market at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. Thanks for coming out, everyone! Congratulations to DribbbleDC, represented by Martin Ringlein, for taking home the Silver Bucket Award this year. Thanks, as always, to ATX Dribbble’s Sophie Shepherd, who makes it all happen. Image credits, L-R: SXSW Recap by Brandon Land, Dribbble SXSW ‘15 by Dan Cederholm, photo by Martin Ringlein.

DC, if you’d like to see that Silver Bucket in person, be sure to show up at the next meetup, on April 21 at Canvas Co/work. RSVP.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @ Startup Edmonton

Bright and early, Edmonton Dribbblers gathered at Startup Edmonton to caffeinate and hear Chris Caldwell’s talk, “Creativity on Demand.” Thank you to Edmonton organizers Lisa Hagen and Ken Bautista.

Sofia, Bulgaria @ Eleven

  1. UX Meetup

Once again, Martin Bonov and sponsor Kickflip pulled together a great group for great discussion and great fun in Sofia! After surveying local Dribbblers, Martin centered March’s meetup on UX. The group gathered at startup accelerator Eleven and competed in group design challenges followed by “lively debates on analytics, feedback tools, conversion rate optimization, interviewing and workshop techniques and more.” For the full wrap-up and more photos, visit the Kickflip blog. April Sofia meetup already in the works; keep your eyes on the Dribbble meetups page and on Dribbble Bulgaria’s Facebook page. Photo credits: Max Birsky.

Boston, Massachusetts @ Fresh Tilled Soil

Not technically a meetup, but Rich underwent some friendly grilling by Ian Murphy of Future Insights at March’s Refresh Boston. After the Q&A, Rich led the crew in an Analog Playoff. Next up on the Refresh Boston Calendar: Caroline Murphy, head of product marketing at Kinvey, presents “The Importance of Community,” April 14 at 6:30. RSVP.

Dublin, Ireland @ Zendesk

  1. </ol> [Zendesk]( welcomed Dribbblin' Dublin into its space. [Neil Turner]( gave a talk on the future of Windows design. [Dannielle O'Connell]( and [Graham Harper]( (with the help of some audience participation) co-chaired the discussion "The Future of UI - Where We Are, Where We’re Going and What Tools Will Bring Us There.” ### Samara, Russia @ The Conference Hall
    1. </ol> *Inaugural Samara Meetup!* Organizer [Vladimir Patokov]( reports good times at the Conference Hall in Samara, where Russian designers gathered to talk shop. Thanks to all who came out! ### Singapore @ Thoughtworks Singapore
      Lots of thanks coming at you, Singapore, after another great Dribbble meetup. Thanks to the organizers, [Mike Chen]( and [Phil Neo](! Thanks to the speakers, [James Cook]( and [Wang Xiaodan](! Thanks to the host, [Thoughtworks](! Thanks to the sponsors, [IBM Asia Pacific](, [InnovQ](, [Invisible Stickers](, [Marvel](, and [Minitheory](! Thanks a second time to Mike Chen and James Cook, this time for the photos! ### Amsterdam, Netherlands @ IceMobile
      Organizers [Robert Keus]( and [Leon Ephraim]( lured the Dribbblers in with promises of "a few drinks, lots of laughs and meeting old and new people in the design/development scene." From the looks of it, they delivered, with some help from host/sponsor [IceMobile](, whose team also took these photos. Thanks to Robert and Leon, as well as speakers [Emiel Janson](, [Thomas Offinga](, and [Hidde van der Ploeg]( ### Dallas, Texas @ Oven Bits
      1. Dallas Dribbble Meetup
      Dribbble cookies! Really, that would be enough, but the team at [Oven Bits]( also made sure Dribbblers had plenty of pizza, drinks and great conversation. Thank you especially to [Ronnie Johnson](, who did double duty as meetup organizer and shot designer. ### Dayton, Ohio @ Sparkbox
      *Inaugural Dayton Meetup!* From organizer [Jeremy Loyd]( "[Sparkbox]( hosted Dayton’s first Dribbble Meetup and it was a great success. Dayton has a robust community of designers and freelancers that work for companies large and small, so it was a night of meeting many new people and hearing about what they do. The meetup was held during the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the games were on the TVs, and a huge bracket was drawn on a whiteboard. Attendees were invited to enter the "Mascot Challenge." The idea was to draw a mascot (real or made up) for each of the teams playing that night and we voted on the winners. Congratulations to [Dallas Christman](, a student from the School of Advertising Art, who won a free ticket to Build Right’s workshop with [Dan Mall]( in October!" ### Charleston, South Carolina @ eHouse Studio
      1. </ol> From organizer [Mike Hartwell]( "[Gil Shuler]( joined Dribbble Charleston at [eHouse Studio]( to, as he put it, 'spew some knowledge from his head hole.' Gil shared some of his favorite moments that he's experienced as a designer spanning 30 years in the business. With time to spare we opened it up to the audience for questions complemented with plenty of pizza and craft beer from neighboring [Palmetto Brewery](" ### Bekasi, Indonesia @ Head and Brew Coffee
        1. </ol> *Inaugural Bekasi Meetup!* Thank you, [Viking Karwur](, for bringing the Dribbble meetup to Bekasi! And for the photo. ### New York, New York @ Hook and Loop
          1. Hook & Loop NYC Dribbble Meetup
          New York Dribbblers came to [Hook & Loop]( to "snack, sip, talk shop, and Dribbble their creative hearts out in one of NYC’s dopest design labs." [Josh Davis]( spoke about creating and refining visual identity for an ever-evolving brand, and [Bonnie Harriman]( spoke about bringing B2C UX to B2B ecommerce. [Jason Robles]( organized the meetup and designed the meetup shot. Thanks, all! ### San Francisco, California @ Sandbox Suites
          1. Instacart's SF Dribbble Meetup
          2. </ol> [Tye Tolentino]( and [Instacart]( threw a big old San Francisco-sized meetup at Sandbox Suites. Thank you! ### Upcoming Meetups

            The following Dribbble Meetups are happening soon. For the full list of upcoming meetups, visit:

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            Dribbble + Shopify

            Apr 9, 2015
            Peaches dribbble 1 teaser

            Creative South Dribbble Meetup

            Apr 10, 2015
            Columbus, Georgia
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            First-Ever Auckland Dribbble Meetup!

            Apr 16, 2015
            Auckland, New Zealand
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            New York Dribbble Meetup

            Apr 21, 2015
            New York

            Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India Dribbble Meetup

            Apr 26, 2015
            Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
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            Sacramento Dribbble Meetup

            May 31, 2015

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