March winds have been blowing for only a few days, but it’s already been a monumental month here at Dribbble, as we just signed two key free agents. It pleases us to no end to announce our first full-time hires, Samuel and Tristan, who will be helping us grow and improve the Dribbble community, site and platform.

imageSamuel Fine has been contracting with us for several months and after making himself indispensable around here, he now officially takes on the full-time role of Community Manager. From his bio:

"Samuel serves as champion for all Dribbblers, great and small. He works to make your day better by responding to user questions, comments, and concerns via email and social media. He also oversees Dribbble’s Equipment Shop, monthly newsletter, and occasionally contributes to the official blog.

A native of Northern Michigan, Samuel lives in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife Tess and their cat Beans. Off the court, he builds HTML5-powered mobile apps, participates in citizen-science projects, and is equally likely to be found on Steam or at the flea market.”

imageTristan Dunn has been contracting for us for the last month, and now will join us as a full-time Developer, working remotely from his native Louisiana. Tristan previously worked with thoughtbot, Meebo, and Google and has already had an enormous impact on our software development efforts. From his bio:

"Tristan is a developer and arguably a tolerable designer. He is from and lives in Louisiana, yet enjoys cold weather more than you might expect.

He’ll be helping make your experience on Dribbble even more enjoyable, and giving Rich a bit more time to dunk.”

BTW, a quick but spirited fist bump of appreciation to you, the Dribbble community: We’re able to make these hires because YOU have supported this operation. We’ve never raised venture capital or other funds—this startup is 100% organic and made possible by your patronage. Thank you for your continued support in helping us grow and sustain this project. Your impact has been profound.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to add two talented folks to the team, bringing our total headcount to a whopping… four. And we’re equally excited about the great things we’ll be building together to help make Dribbble even better. Welcome, Sam and Tristan!

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