T. Not. T

April 13, 2019

My friend Myriam asked me for a fun illustrations in a pop art / comics style, an octopus with coconuts, and I'll let you guess what each T means :)

Octopus and coconuts - WIP

January 23, 2019

Having fun with Procreate on the iPad

Tournée du Chat Démon - Luci

December 23, 2018

Just having fun with Procreate on the iPad and a little homage to Netflix's Luci Demon Cat and the famous "Tournée du chat noir" Collaborative idea with @Geoffrey Crofte

Ninja Logo work in Progress

September 29, 2018

Having fun creating a ninja illustration for a friend

Zero Fox Given

May 22, 2018

With the lettering this time :) The sticker version is really cool :)

No Fox Given

May 21, 2018

I'm having fun with an illustration that matches my new visual identity (purple and yellow) and hair color (orange, flamingo pink and violet) Dark or Light? Feedback welcome :)


Raccoon illustration animated

April 04, 2016

Having fun with the raccoon logo for the landing page :)

Simple Raccoon illustration V2

April 03, 2016

An illustration for a friend's logo I'm currently working on. He wanted something simple and classy. Not quite sure about the eyes yet.a

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