Minerals Auction App by Steelkiwi Inc.

Check out our presentation of Minerals App. In this showcase we are sharing the main features that our team have implemented into this iOS app.

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Appreciate Animation

May 17, 2016

Hello, my lovely dribbblers! Working on a behance case-study for Minerals App project I've created this animation, encouraging users to Appreciate :) I hope you enjoy it! Full case is available here, at Behance. Dont forget to visit S...

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Bid History for Minerals App MVP

April 27, 2016

Hello! Let me present a screen with Bid History. A user can easily find out the timing of the existing bids and get aware about the next ones. Color decision helps users to always stay informed about the latest bids. Don't forget t...

Wireframes for Minerals App MVP

April 26, 2016

Hello, dribbblers! I've created this pack of wireframes for MVP version recently. Some screens are still missing and I know that. but the goal was to show the most important functionality to clarify business-logics with customer and to ...

Dribbble shot 1

Minerals Auction App Loader

April 22, 2016

Hello dribbblers! I'm so excited to be a part of my favorite community. I would like to firstly thank SteelKiwi for the start of my dribbble journey! I want to introduce my first shot of our upcoming application - MINERALS: find your...