Handmade Anti-Aliasing

August 27, 2012

Remade my login-fields. Had to make my own Anti-Aliasing as I wasn't satisfied with the stuff PS made...


December 06, 2011

Refined some details and changed the icons...

Some Icons

November 22, 2011

Refined some charting app icons.

New Login Landingpage

October 27, 2011

Realigned the login page. Fullscreen view attached. Wondering if the logo is to big. What would you say? PS: Yes, this page is heavily inspired by facebooks iPad login page. I love how they styled it.

Floating Boxes

October 25, 2011

Slowly getting there. Reworked the icons to fit the style.

Charting WebApp

October 19, 2011

As requested: The current state of development. This is a screenshot from the browser. All boxes are drag-able and collapse-able (to the top-right corner, the three small icons). Full resolution screenshot attached. You can't see a thing...

Instrument Box

October 19, 2011

This is the instrument view. It's dragable, too. Is fun building nearly a full blown desktop app in a browser. Amazing what browsers are capable today. Attached a full screenshot for those interested. This is fully HTML/CSS and the char...

Drag'n'drop sidebar

October 17, 2011

Remade the complete sidebar to be made drag-able. This is the tree view, a kind of finder like display of saved modifications.

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