Goomie Plans

May 03, 2015

Hey there, what about choose a plan? Hum?

Goomie business

Goomie Business

April 03, 2015

For business members, 1TB per user! Goomie Cloud in its business version is represented by a metallic and very long travel bus, like a trip in 1989.

Goomie pro

Goomie Pro

April 01, 2015

For pro users, 1TB! Goomie Cloud in its premium version is represented by a red and very powerful camping truck, as one that daddy had in 1973.

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Goomie Basic

March 29, 2015

For starters, 4GB. Goomie Cloud in its basic version is represented by a blue and very friendly vw bus, as one that mommy had in 1966.