touch gestures iconset

January 13, 2020

I needed some touch gesture icons for a recent project. Here you go!

icon set

November 14, 2019

...just a quick icon set I was working on!

Figma Icon

November 11, 2019

heya, here are some quick replacement icons for Figma. ...have fun

health icon set

September 12, 2019

... was working on some more icons for our website. In coorporation with this awesome guy @andreasstorm ____________ Learn more about German health insurance here:

Wunderlist Iconography 2019 filled

July 09, 2019

based on my last icon exploration I was curious how the initial set would look if they are filled. I think this would also work great on this hybrid of Wunderlist and Things. What do you think? Wich version is your favorite? Here you ...

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Wunderlist Iconography 2019

May 23, 2019

I was always a fan of the Wunderlist iconography. I think the style is just beautiful and every pixel sits in the right place. Since I saw this tweet I couldn't get this out of my mind how Wunderlist could look today. Now here I am.....

airtime iconography 2019 - on/off

May 20, 2019

...some on/off toggle icons for the iconography for @Airtime

Airtime Iconography 2019

May 16, 2019

heya, I had the pleasure to work on the new icon suite for airtime recently. It´s always a pleasure to work with the team @Airtime

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