1. Wallet statistic money wallet statistic
    Wallet statistic
  2. Workout screen figma ux design ux ui design ui simple progress mobile minimal clean chart gradient app fitness sport workout
    Workout screen
  3. Photo app figma ux design ux ui design ui simple progress mobile minimal clean chart gradient app
    Photo app
  4. To-do concept ux reminder time calendar planner to-do
    To-do concept
  5. Onboarding screen ux gradient login log in onboarding
    Onboarding screen
  6. Payment and Finance gradient bank card finance payment
    Payment and Finance
  7. Rap page gradient social photo music rap
    Rap page
  8. Setting page battle profile pink flat design skeuomorphism ios setting
    Setting page battle
  9. Films screens ux app movie poster cartoon films movie
    Films screens
  10. Cinema mobile app cartoon films movie cinema
    Cinema mobile app
  11. Football app mobile ux players football sport
    Football app
  12. White-label application for restaurants app ux food restaurant
    White-label application for restaurants
  13. Dribbble cover
    Dribbble cover
  14. Arsleepers ar kids children design mobile interface ux
  15. Remind app note app reminder
    Remind app
  16. Wallet statistics money uxdesign uxui ux wallet app wallet
  17. Annual report statistics wallet money report design
    Annual report
  18. Statistic app ux mobile statistic wallet app money
    Statistic app
  19. Travel app ux travel ukraine kiev travel app
    Travel app
  20. Travel app dark mode dark ux trip travel places
    Travel app
  21. Instagram redesign instagram stories flat ui ui photo inspiration redesign instagram post instagram
    Instagram redesign
  22. Travel app design traveling ukraine navigation trip train travel app travel
    Travel app
  23. Music app ux ui music app music player ux playlist album music
    Music app
  24. Ipad Pro iphone iphone icon design mock up ipad
    Ipad Pro
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