010_Social Share

May 10, 2019

The 10th design challenge was 'Social Share' so I decided to rebound off of the shot I made yesterday and continue fleshing out this music app. I'm really digging this design and having a fun time thinking of interactions for this! I mig...

009_Music Player

May 09, 2019

Number 9 - music player, coming in hot. This one was centered around an idea where the user could perform all the standard media functions by interacting with the music itself. Pause by tapping the record, fast forward by spinning clock...

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008_404 Page

May 07, 2019

Well after a brief hiatus from my dailies, due to starting a new job. I'm going to try and get back into them! Maybe they'll be more like 'weeklies' rather than 'dailies' but I still want to finish all 100! For number 008, I decided to d...


February 22, 2019

I feel like this is a little bit of a copout but at the same time not really because I'm really enjoying fleshing out Dash Cash! Anyway, here's day 7 - The Settings menu! Wooh, seven days in a row! Why not hit 'L' to show your support fo...

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006_User Profile

February 21, 2019

Day 6, a profile page. So let's keep making screens for my new money transfer app, Dash Cash! Hope you guys like it, hit 'L' if you do! Start your daily design challenge at Daily UI.

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005_App Icon

February 20, 2019

I don't really enjoy making app icons but day number 5 called for one so here we are. I decided to do a little throwback to daily number 2. I bring you, Dash Cash! The safe, secure, and simple way to send funds electronically! 🤑 Maybe I'...

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February 19, 2019

Day number 4, a calculator! It's really quick and simple because I had far too much to do tonight to dedicate more time to it 😅Even still, I think it came out quite nicely! Would you use this simple calculator, press 'L' and let me know...

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003_Landing Page

February 18, 2019

Day three of my daily ui challenge calls for a Landing Page. I wanted to keep this simple but effective and since Apex Legends is the new hot thing that I can't seem to stop playing, it seemed fitting to include it in my dailies 😉 I thin...

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