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  2. Recipe Card ui card figma recipe app recipe
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    Recipe Card
  3. Typography Exploration india serifs typography ui clean
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    Typography Exploration
  4. Onboarding Exploration india viu video onboarding ux ui illustration
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    Onboarding Exploration
  5. Photo app concept concept photo app ui
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    Photo app concept
  6. Clothing Landing Page shadow interface ux ui clothing landing page
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    Clothing Landing Page
  7. Check out  download free sketch payments ui challenges check out checkout clean flat ui
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    Check out
  8. Water app - Above the fold download file free sketch graph ios iphone app water illustration challenges ui
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    Water app - Above the fold
  9. Movie Card - Minions! download file free sketch sokratus show movie flat card minions ui
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    Movie Card - Minions!
  10. Profile card UI download file free sketch daily profile card profile challenges ui
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    Profile card UI
  11. Movie app ui movies imdb sketch free download app movie
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    Movie app
  12. Calendar UI screen app download free sketch germany nomad travel calendar challenges ui
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    Calendar UI
  13. Sign Up Card download resources free sketch illustration gradient travel signup email shoot ui login
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    Sign Up Card
  14. Dashboard UI navigation sidebar flat ui dashboard
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    Dashboard UI
  15. Input Box clean input modal popup box send blue
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    Input Box
  16. Graph free download free sketch file download sketch file sketch free gradient chart mobile ui graph
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  17. Overlay snippet publish hover modern ui flat green clean snippet overlay
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    Overlay snippet
  18. Bridj App ios android modal bridj app mobile app live sokratus clean
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    Bridj App
  19. Tea Junction Landing Page landing page home page meteor neat clean modern white space illustration icons sokratus
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    Tea Junction Landing Page
  20. Messaging app UI message ui experiment app mobile sms
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    Messaging app UI
  21. Book app concept sokratus ux bookstore titles reading book books app ui
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    Book app concept
  22. Data heavy design data ui ux complex numbers sliders money insurance sokratus clean
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    Data heavy design
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