1. Yosemite Compact Mail app mobile os x ui
    View Yosemite Compact Mail
    Yosemite Compact Mail
  2. WikiBand Details app ios mobile ui
    View WikiBand Details
    WikiBand Details
  3. Wikipedia App Client app mobile ui ux
    View Wikipedia App Client
    Wikipedia App Client
  4. Login Dialog buttons flat login ui web
    View Login Dialog
    Login Dialog
  5. Event Planner Menu ios menu navigation
    View Event Planner Menu
    Event Planner Menu
  6. Movie App Prototype app application flat movie ui user interface
    View Movie App Prototype
    Movie App Prototype
  7. iOS Music Player ios mobile music player
    View iOS Music Player
    iOS Music Player
  8. Profile Popover logout profile search
    View Profile Popover
    Profile Popover
  9. Notifications with comments comments notifications ui ux
    View Notifications with comments
    Notifications with comments
  10. Mobile calendar agenda calendar ui ux
    View Mobile calendar
    Mobile calendar
  11. Dark Mobile Calendar agenda calendar ui ux
    View Dark Mobile Calendar
    Dark Mobile Calendar
  12. Calendar Agenda agenda calendar ui ux
    View Calendar Agenda
    Calendar Agenda
  13. Pricing Layout app pricing ui ux web
    View Pricing Layout
    Pricing Layout
  14. Url Link Popover cloud link ui urls
    View Url Link Popover
    Url Link Popover
  15. Image Library image library images media navigation ui
    View Image Library
    Image Library
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