Simon H. Inktober 2016 by Simon H.

My first #Inktober participation. The drawings are done on letter-sized printer paper sheets in pencil, & inked with a Pentel Sign pen.

31 Shots + 31 Attachments


Inktober 2016: day thirty-one

May 12, 2017

Day thirty-one: a little jar of black ink.

Inktober 2016: day thirty

May 11, 2017

Day thirty: a USB connector.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-nine

May 11, 2017

Day twenty-nine: an old webcam.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-eight

May 11, 2017

Day twenty-eight: one of these connectors doubling headphone plugs.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-seven

May 11, 2017

Day twenty-seven: a close-up shot of a head-mounted lamp.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-six

May 11, 2017

Day twenty-six: a tube of cream.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-five

May 10, 2017

Day twenty-five: the container for my 0.9 mm mechanical pencil leads.

Inktober 2016: day twenty-four

May 10, 2017

Day twenty-four: the removable wheel of a plastic storage bin.